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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Imagine a game of intrigue - a mystery akin to those solved by the great Sherlock Holmes - all played out aboard the most famous and luxurious ship in history. This game is set in a world about to explode with the prospect of war and full of individuals from conflicting societal classes. Then the most infamous disaster in history occurs. This is the game Titanic: Honor and Glory.


Included with the game will be a fully explorable ship in tour-mode with some of her passengers and crew acting as educational and informative guides around the vessel.

The project is being developed by Vintage Digital Revival, LLC and its subsidiary, Four Funnels Entertainment in Unreal Engine 4. The latest technology is being used to create the most realistic experience from the game engine to 3D scanning. The smallest details are included - even having descendants of Titanic passengers voice their relatives.

The game is confirmed for PC but consoles are planned. It is intended for virtual reality headsets for the most immersive experience.

A free demo is already available!


The Story


Some people are seemingly in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is the case for Owen Robert Morgan, a 23-year-old American living in Britain. On his way to meet an old friend he finds himself the prime suspect behind a series of sinister international crimes. After fleeing from the crushers all he can do to prevent heading to the gallows is follow one lead: the true perpetrators are leaving the UK aboard Titanic. Morgan must prove his innocence, make friends and battle enemies, figure out people’s true motives, and unlock a bigger conspiracy surrounding his framing all while weaving his way through the drama that takes place in the microcosm of society that is Titanic


…for the first four days. Then the unthinkable happens…

Will Morgan gather sufficient proof before he's turned in to the ship’s officers? And when history takes its inevitable turn how will he fight for both his life and his honor? It’s up to you to play and decide.


The History


T:HG aims to tell the story of the sinking of RMS Titanic as faithfully as possible and raise the bar for authenticity in video games in general. The fictional mystery surrounding the main quest line is a tool to bring the player back to 1912 and interact with and learn about more than 200 real-life characters from history's most iconic disaster.


Explore not only the entirety of a fully authentic Titanic in extreme detail, but also many elements relating to the ship to bring you more into the year 1912; a world far more drastic than ours today. Venture through the British train lines, White Star tenders, other passenger ships at dock, and even roam through a large portion of the harbor city Southampton, England. And while playing discover the history and politics leading into the Great War.