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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Tad Fitch


Tad Fitch is a maritime researcher and author whose research over the past two decades has largely centered on the Titanic and liner history, as well as both world wars. He has written numerous articles that have been published both online and in the Titanic Historical Society's quarterly journal, The Titanic Commutator.  Tad, along with Bill Wormstedt and George Behe, coauthored The Lifeboat Launching Sequence Re-Examined, a landmark article written to correct the errors in the lifeboat chronology that first appeared in the 1912 final report of the British Wreck Commission.  Tad has contributed material to multiple books on the Titanic and liner history, and he has been cited in many books and other works.

His most recent book release is the acclaimed On a Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic, (2012) an engrossing and comprehensive history of the ship and those aboard it that he coauthored with J. Kent Layton and Bill Wormstedt. This volume was nominated for the 2012 Mountbatten Award by the Maritime Foundation of Britain.

 Tad is also one of eleven coauthors of Report Into the Loss of the SS Titanic, A Centennial Reappraisal. (2012), and coauthor of the forthcoming book Into the Danger Zone: Wartime Crossings of the First World War, coauthored with liner researcher Mike Poirier (Fall 2014.) An avid scuba diver, Tad divides his time between his writing, research and his work in the field of psychology.