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Some people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is the case for Owen Robert Morgan, a 23-year-old American and Oxford University graduate living in Britain. On his way to meet an old friend, he finds himself the prime suspect behind a series of sinister international crimes. After fleeing arrest all he can to prove his innocence by following the only lead he has: the true perpetrators are fleeing Europe on board the RMS Titanic. Will Morgan uncover their identities and gather sufficient proof before they find him? Or will the unthinkable happen and each one find themselves fighting for their lives in one of history’s most memorable disasters?


Imagine a game of ultimate intrigue; a mystery befitting of the great Sherlock Holmes himself all played out aboard the most beautiful and luxurious ship in history. Sprinkle into this the element of tragedy and disaster of epic proportions, and you get this game.

The player is first tasked with finding their way aboard the Titanic using the convenient guise as a crewman. The player must then act out the tasks of this crewman and experience what it is like to serve on board- everything from properly checking in, to performing duties, and even earning tips. Once the player is able to acquire a cabin of his own, he must hop between classes and make friends of all sorts to uncover all ends of the dynamic scheme behind this dynamic international heist.

The game will be exclusively in first-person perspective, and the player will have the ability to take various paths to accomplishing their goals in addition to several side plots that are unnecessary for completion. This allows a player to rush through the voyage to get to the sinking, or to take their time and experience the voyage to its fullest. However, the player is limited to where they may go throughout the voyage, being restricted to areas only passengers can access, and locked out of cabins other than the player’s.

When history takes its course and disaster strikes, all order is lost. Once the liner strikes the berg, the player has only 2 hours and 40 minutes to finish solving the mystery and take care of anything else they might need to, and last but not least find a way to safety. The player can now access nearly any part of the ship: they may choose to disregard the main plot altogether and spend the time following countless real-life side plots, or even simply just explore and watch the ship sink.

Though the main backstory of the robberies and murders is purely fictional, once on board the story becomes heavily influenced by the real life story of the Titanic. It is intricately woven in a way that allows the real life historical figures to contribute and sway the story both with actions consistent with their genuine personalities and even at times through actions they were known to have done aboard the ship. The story is written in such a way that it manages to make sense out of some of the mysteries of the Titanic and even force the player to visit and explore various corners of the historic ship.

Nearly all of the famous events of the voyage are present in the game and presented in a very hands-on way. The player may make observations with passengers, partake in the ship’s services, join the crew for tasks, witness scenes like the New York incident and even take up rake and shovel against the coal fire.

During the sinking, the player has even more freedom with this. They may help in various ways ranging from aiding in the evacuation, to preventing the damage from spreading, or attempting to contact nearby ships. There were many heroes who stood by their post until the end and many passengers who kept order and helped those they could. This game will allow the player to see this heroism first-hand and will stand as a testament to the bravery and self-sacrifice of that fateful night. But no, the player cannot change history; they can only witness it and play a role during the disaster.



Hand in hand with the freedom of choosing what to do and what goals to follow, the player can talk to many different historical figures. They will help the player with tasks or simply allow the player to have a better understanding of their story and the world of 1912. The player can talk to dozens of well-known people, including Thomas Andrews, Captain Smith, J. Bruce Ismay, the Officers, Lawrence Beesley, and Father Byles. They may also talk to and learn about the lesser-known people such as Joseph Laroche, August Wennerstrom, and the Peracchio Brothers, to name a few. With the exception of the villains and the player himself, all aboard the Titanic are real life figures with unique stories to tell.




In Tour Mode, (see alternative game modes below) the player may explore every single room and compartment of the ship, which will all be modeled in detail and with as much authenticity as possible.

However, it does not stop there. All characters of the game are being made to resemble their namesake to a tee, and thus it will be like talking to the real person. Beyond the ship, though, the player can even explore the city of Southampton, where the Titanic embarked. The city is being modeled with the amount of explorable regions and authenticity as the ship itself. Depending on the amount of funding and interest this aspect receives, it will also have its own side stories in tour mode and things to experience.

All details of this game are being modeled and animated based off all resources we can obtain including the generosity and expertise of some of the top Titanic historians in the field. A nearly endless amount of information and research is being put into each and every model: from the ship, to the world, to the props and characters. The game is basically recreating a Titanic II and is a time machine to the year 1912.



In addition to the main game mode, titled Story Mode, there are several other modes of play planned.

Tour Mode allows the player to walk around the ship a day before it sets sail. All doors are open and only a limited number of other people are there who will provide information about each area of the ship as the player explores it. Also in tour mode the player can disembark the ship and explore the city of Southampton without the worry of police trying to catch him or being confined to a schedule. The player may wander the streets and explore the homes of local crew and passengers. Tour Mode will also have the possibility of additional downloadable content of further extensions of the city, as well as parts of Belfast, Queenstown, Cherbourg, and New York City in 1912.

Simulator Mode will allow the player to drive the Titanic through a series of levels or simply out on the open ocean. With the possibility of expanded content for a later addition, we intend to explore the concept of allowing the player to command additional ships related to the story of the Titanic including the Olympic, Nomadic, and Carpathia. This mode is subject to change as the game progresses.

Multiplayer Mode is still in the very early concepts compared to the other stages, but might have two different styles: a sinking and a voyage mode. Voyage mode will allow many players to simply mingle around and take in the world of Titanic altogether. Deck games will be available in addition to passenger services. Sinking mode, however, would bring together players in for a drastically different scenario...

Race to piece together the puzzle and clear your name as the Titanic sails toward her fate.

Race to piece together the puzzle and clear your name as the Titanic sails toward her fate.

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