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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Special Thanks

The team behind Titanic: Honor and Glory have received assistance from so many individuals and historical organizations in the Titanic community. Some have opened up their collections to the team, some have provided exclusive knowledge, and others bestowed their expertise in niche areas of research. On behalf of everyone working at Four Funnels Entertainment, Co. and Vintage Digital Revival LLC, we would like to thank them here.

Members of the Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada,
including some of the THG team, in Halifax, 2018,
who’ve given their amazing support to the project.

Steve Anderson

Stephan Asselin

Nelson B. Arnstein, MD

Günter Bäbler

William Barney

Alan Beavon

George Behe

Bruce Beveridge

Steve Blasco

Dr. Shelley Binder

Robert Bracken

Charles Chafee

Mark Chirnside

Peter Comley

Thomas Cowan

Jack Eaton

Malte Fiebing-Petersen

Sandra Gallo

Frank J. Goldsmith Jr.

João Gonçalves

Charles Haas

Brian Hawley

Sean Hewitt

Chris Hood

Matthew Howell

Matthew Hughes

Cliff Ismay

Paul Jones

David Kaplan

Imre Karacsonyi

Michael Koehler

Richie Kohler

Christine Kuchler

Eric Lara

Matthew Leonetti

Dr. Henrietta Mann

Krzysztof Mędrala

Brian Meister

Neil Meister

Philippe Melia

Michail Michailakis

Eli Moskowitz

Simon Mills

Rudi Newman

P.H. Nargeolet

Mary Payne

Alessandro Pirro

Father Roberto Pirrone

Sylvain Plamondon

Mike Poirier

Jonathan Quayle

Rich Recklau

Sheryl Rinkol

Douglas Robb

Deanna Ryan-Meister

Eric Sauder

Kyrila Scully

Dan Sheridan

Vern Shock

Barbara Shuttle

John Siggins

James Somers

Donna Spicer

Nicholas Stall

Tarn Stephanos

Jean Scuissiato

Alex Syiek

Dominik Tezyk

Brian Thompson

Joshua David Thomson

Jordan Toovey

Derek Verveer

Bill Williard