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Published 24 April, 2021

Beginning in quarter 4 of 2021, walk the decks of Titanic as she is built around you. Beginning with the Forecastle Deck and expanding in monthly updates through all of B-Deck, the free Alpha is available to anyone wishing to experience Titanic like never before.

Once B-Deck is finished, continue playing along as the rest of the ship is recreated by joining our Patreon ($10 or more per month) or buying a copy of the game.

Keep an eye out for details on the Free Alpha and beyond coming soon!


Past contributions totaling $50 or more also earns you access beyond B-deck.

Patrons receive early access to all Alpha updates.

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Published 19 April, 2021, 12:45 EDT

For the last decade, this team of passionate Titanic enthusiasts has been attempting to deliver a project that many have called impossible. Fans like you have given their support, money, and patience to see it finished. And while this decade of hard work (for us) and long waits (for you) has not been easy, we know it will all be worth it to walk the decks of Titanic once more.

But here we are, a year since any significant announcements have been made or update given. Criticism is high, optimism is low, and rumors are flying. A meaningful change is needed. A LOT of changes are required. So, with this statement, we would like to accept and respond to the criticism, get that optimism going again and confirm or correct those rumors. By the end of this statement, we hope all of you will have all the information you need to get excited about this game again, just like we are!


THG began with a few Titanic fans with an affinity for gaming and 3D stuff. A bunch of nerds. And those nerds took on a monumental task: Recreate 100% of the RMS Titanic with unprecedented triple-A detail. And (as we quickly found out) unless you are a video game producer, you probably have no idea the amount of painstaking work required to create a video game. Let alone researching the entire ship, facts, reference material, cross-reference, contact experts, negotiate over permissions and fees, accurately recreate that research in a virtual environment… It is quite a challenge. A challenge we felt was worth taking on.

Here are some highlights and lowlights of our history:

2013-2014 was when we began the challenge. Our first IndieGoGo campaign in March 2013 gave us a little financial freedom. From the stretch goal of $80k, we made $20,166. A lot of money, no doubt, but in the video game industry not so much.

In the beginning, we made a choice to roll with CryEngine. This top-notch Game Engine was able to provide a visual level that seemed adequate to represent our vision. At the time, we were a small team of about five with no idea what was ahead of us. We practically had to teach ourselves 3D modeling, UV mapping, texturing, sculpting, how to make game-ready assets, how to work in a Game Engine, and many other aspects of fundamental game development. Sound complicated? In the earliest days, before THG especially, we knew little of this. It was a lot to learn - but we were excited to learn.

During this period, our team established relationships within the community, researching and making a name for ourselves. Not to mention we modeled the ship. These tasks would continue every year up until 2020.

2015 was the year we held our second and final IndieGoGo campaign, where we did manage to raise about $60,405. The campaign was almost considered our "make-or-break" moment for us. Our stretch goals were lofty, and we were boasting many promised features of the game.

We decided that switching to Unreal Engine would do wonders for our game and our process. We also took that opportunity to redo some parts of the ship and optimize them for the new Engine. Popularity for the project was strong among fans, and we held our hopes high that we could find an investor or group to push us to the finish line.

Following the first Demo's release, other Titanic-based 3D projects began popping up, and natural competitiveness began to grow. Most of the time, we saw this as an opportunity to work more and push ourselves to make THG even better. But of course, it was not the best approach as it pitted project against project. Again, from today's perspective, it was flat-out wrong. As a member of the ever-growing Titanic community, we should have always been supporting other projects.

Later in the year, the team embarked on the first research trip to the UK. The costs and expenditures were not communicated well to the public. Many who contributed to the campaigns thought they paid for it. So rightfully, the backlash was warranted.

2016 was an exciting year for THG! In April, we released perhaps our most famous work - The Titanic Real-Time Sinking Animation on YouTube. It was created in around a week for only the anniversary of the sinking. But after gaining much popularity and love, we had to keep it up indefinitely. While not 100% accurate, it became viral immediately. Those two points did not give us the best of criticism (which we didn't handle the best.)

Our second Demo was released in August after significant progress in the ship's interior. Fans could explore new areas of Titanic where we made discoveries. But we never got into much detail why we went with specific design choices.

The Britannic Real-Time Sinking Animation was released for the 100th anniversary of her loss - albeit a few days late. Britannic never gets as much attention as Titanic, but this animation would lay the groundwork for BPotM.

2017 was another busy year, but it did not come without its drama - both good and bad. In early February, we began work on Demo 3, which we originally announced as Demo 2.5. What followed were a series of misfortunes. Demo 3's main goal was to solidify our place as the most popular digital Titanic experience. After missing our release dates, postponing, and stalling, it was eventually released after weeks of silence in June.

All in all, Demo 3 was our most significant work to date and something we are still very proud to show. However, its development was rough and extended multiple times. We missed numerous deadlines and did not bother giving fans updates on when these delays happened and why. These delays and lack of communication on our part did a lot of damage, at least in the short term. The failures around Demo 3 likely helped lead to the negative reputation Titanic: Honor and Glory has today.

On the positive side, we supplied footage for the documentary Titanic: 20 Years Later with James Cameron on National Geographic. CGI we did specifically for this documentary gave the game revenue, helped us with connections and popularity.

2018 was a year for research and making connections. Research trips, Titanic conferences and meetings, and business trips were the focus of the team. The THG producers went to Belfast and met with the CEO and other representatives of Titanic Belfast and were able to show them the THG Demo. The team gave presentations in Northern Ireland, Canada, and Tennessee at various Titanic conferences. And in November, Tom and Matt assisted the crew of the documentary feature The Six, which would finally premiere in 2021.

2019 gave the team a few more conferences, but we also worked on the corrections for the 1/200th scale Titanic Trumpeter model. Assisting the kit is a point of pride for us, even if not every detail was perfect.

And by the end of the year, work began on Britannic: Patroness of the Mediterranean. At the same time, we were in talks with a very interesting investor. The team leads traveled for several meetings to discuss with the investor and their representatives.

2020 was when everything came to a head. The big thing that occurred for us was the work on BPotM continuing into and releasing in June. BPotM was not meant to take so long or distract from THG, but it did take many months, and it did distract. But this was the fault of all teammates to provide higher quality to the Britannic models. We became silent and did not take time to update fans on progress - saying very little about THG. The release of BPotM is something we are very proud of: the quality, the rating it has on Steam, and the number of sales.

In the early part of the year, we met once more with the potential investor - but the final meeting did not go as smoothly. We decided to finally organize and pay a separate team to begin a search - ones who had done it successfully before. But the pandemic hit in full swing, and our outlook on the search had to change. The team always held back for the investor's funding before going all-out on the game. Once word came that the search idled, some of the support team's work and contributions idled too. We slowed down as the world was shutting down.


About seven months ago, it became apparent that game development and the investor hunt both had to be re-examined. The team was getting restless and saw fans getting concerned. Fears of a game canceled, rumors (some true, some false) that the team was no longer working together flew everywhere, and our online presence was nil. But one fact stayed constant: Our fans still wanted Titanic. To get this project back on course would take lots of time - it takes a while to turn a ship this big.

We decided as a team that everyone waited long enough for investors. If millionaires do not love Titanic as much as we all do, so be it! We decided to refocus our goals and ambitions for THG to make a game WE can make NOW. We would rework features, change our plans, and figure out exciting yet tangible details. Seven months later, we are enjoying some of the most productive months in THG history. The entire team is so excited to work on this new direction as we finally feel the game in our hands again.

We will get more detailed about this new direction later in this statement. Still, in essence, we will be focusing on why we started this project in the first place and the reason you all follow it: Titanic. It is time we showcase the ship herself and get her to our fans by releasing Titanic as we work on it, releasing updates as we go.

Finally, we come to today: the beginning of a new era of Titanic: Honor and Glory. It has been a crazy decade and an even crazier last seven months, but hopefully, when you see what we have planned, you'll be as thrilled as we are.


There has been a lot of criticism of THG, and rightfully so. We have made many mistakes and need to change! Last year forced us to look at that criticism all over again for us to do that. To start this new era off on the right foot, we picked some of the significant issues that have been raised on social media, hoping to shed some light on your questions and concerns.

Criticism: "...8-10 years have passed with no progress…"

Our Position: Due to our team's small size, newbie status, size of Titanic, and the nature of video-game development, progress has been slow but never non-existent. For most of this decade, we have been working on this massive project in our free time. Some of us have full-day jobs, a university to attend, or family. Despite all of that, progress has never reached a standstill. Our folly has been reporting the progress - that has paused many times.

We are excited to report that we have bumped up our staff numbers and plan to further size up the team in the coming months to have more content created.

Criticism: "...The goals of the project are too lofty..."

Our Position: To some extent, we agree! In general, having big ambitions is not a bad thing, and many of our lofty goals are more attainable than you think! However, we must be reasonable. We have spent a decade pursuing these larger goals but recently altered them to be more feasible.

Criticism: "...The team is working on too many side projects..."

Our Position: We've had many projects running alongside THG over the years. The goal of these was to generate some income for financing the game and attention for the project. Indeed, they took time, energy, and often some money. These projects helped with licensing also. These all create revenue streams available to support THG. But there are no side projects planned in the future. We want to focus mostly on THG.

Criticism: "...The team is too inexperienced to create this big game..."

Our Position: Yes, we were inexperienced. We were just kids and gamers who love Titanic! But over the years, we have learned a lot, got advice from professionals, and grew with our experiences. Our past inexperience is why we are now hiring people with knowledge, skill, and passion for creating such a video game project. Soon we will increase the number of full-time employees on our team. We still believe our past work speaks for itself.

Criticism: "...THG mocks criticism and makes excuses..."

Our Position: This criticism has at times been valid, and it is our least favorite part of our history. But as a general direction of the future, this behavior will have no place in our company. Moving forward, we will all be welcoming your criticism and use it to make the game better.

Similarly, our team had a reputation to bend the truth and make or break promises supposedly. There were times we made poor choices due to our excitement about the project. Regardless, we will make sure that moving forward, we avoid this, so there is no confusion.

Criticism: "...The THG team believes they know everything, claim 100% accuracy, and won't disclose their process..."

Our Position: We're not sure if we have claimed to know everything. But we acknowledge that we have often given the impression of being privy to far-superior knowledge and even using that idea in pushing back on some critiques.

Likewise, we acknowledge that "100% accuracy" is an impossible standard. It is impossible with the ship, and it is even more outlandish with the historical events themselves. There will always be some level of interpretation, disagreements, and blind spots in our knowledge about the ship and events - especially the sinking and people who lived over one hundred years ago.

As for secrecy, we ask that you understand that sometimes we are exposed to confidential material and have agreed in writing not to publish certain things. We are also proud of our work. Sometimes we desired (especially when the demos are free) to keep certain aspects of the process close to our hearts until we cross the finish line. It was not always easy to stay quiet about these things, but sometimes we are bound by an agreement to remain silent, which is a very normal thing in the working world. Sometimes we want to tell you information just as badly as you want to hear it.

Criticism: "...What happened with updates? Where is the update plan?.."

Our Position: We agree that we have not done very well in keeping our community informed with updates and progress. Further on in this statement, you will see what we will do to correct this in the future, but we apologize now for leaving you in the dark.

Regarding the update plan, that is a tricky one. When is a room finished? Is it completed when it is modeled? Or in the Engine? Video games do not often conform to these conclusive terms. Our old plans to convey the information to you were not always ideal. There are various disciplines involved, and to visually paint the room green on the map does not mean the room is ready to go. Maybe from an artist's perspective, it may be, but a programmer might disagree. We are working on an interactive map for our website with accurate progress info that will update on the same day every week.

Criticism: "...Who owns and what is VDR?.."

Our Position: Matthew DeWinkeleer. VDR stands for Vintage Digital Revival, LLC. We created this company to work on all our Titanic-related projects and anything in the future. Four Funnels Entertainment Co. is a subsidiary of VDR, which was the first company created and held over with the intent of being the company invested in to fund the game. At this time, that company will be dissolved to make everything simpler - under the one VDR umbrella. The Titanic University and THG YouTubes all belong to VDR and will be combined on THG’s YT.

Criticism: "...Why aren't you updating Britannic: Patroness of the Mediterranean?.."

Our Position: As we are now shifting our focus to THG more than ever. BPotM (technically a side project created to support THG development) will receive less of our attention. While we will maintain the game and make sure it runs smoothly, we will not be adding new content to BPotM at this time. Following the completion of our virtual Titanic model, we will reassess.

Criticism: "...They mislead that the ship was 80% complete when it is 10% done..."

Our Position: This high number has circulated due to unprofessional and unstandardized statements in the past. The number was not picked and spread with malicious intent to lie but a misunderstanding of how modeling works. The 80% at the time stemmed from the models, our version of grey-boxing, and research: our newbie way of thinking! These models being "in the Engine" is a different matter and percentage, entirely. We feel this was a big miscommunication on our part - between you and between ourselves - and we apologize. Again, we will have a better and more professional way of conveying our progress soon. Percentages might be an impossible or inaccurate way of giving updates, but we will find a way to show you progress.

Criticism: "...They mislead in their update videos about finding investors..."

Our Position: Investors are usually very wealthy people or mighty entities. For an investor to invest, the investor must see their possible gains. Some investors did not see that after a closer inspection. After all, our game is more of a niche product. If an investor signals interest, that fires up hopes, spirits, and expectations. We should not have been so optimistic in these times, and most times, hinting at investment is worse than just waiting for it to be acquired. And at the end of the day, something as little as an unfortunately formed sentence can make the difference between a success or a failed attempt to gain an investor's interest. Another miscommunication.

We did indeed meet a good number of times with different potential investors. They turned us down, yet incredibly impressed, suggesting a return when we had a complete game with more to show or more experience with games. But in 2019, we were excited with hopes of a potential investor who was also excited; until discussions became mixed in early 2020. However, after that event in 2020, we hired a team to find investors. Things had to be put on hold very quickly, not only because of COVID but also due to social media rumors. As we mentioned, investors can change their minds for any reason. Even online communities play a big part in that. So please keep that in mind if you are active in the social media realms.

We are planning to continue without an investor and focus on being self-funded. We’ll continue relying on our revenue sources a lot more to create the game - the store, contributions, licensing, etc. These sources are how we can pay the pros and the bills.

But if someone would be sincerely interested, we would be open to talks!

Criticism: "...The contributions and store income go into crew wallets to travel..."

Our Position: No money has been embezzled or inappropriately spent for the project. These claims have no basis in truth. We believe they have arisen due to us not being transparent with how we have spent our contributions and other funding. We plan to fix that going forward. However, no personal gains or spending have been made whatsoever with the money raised. Nevertheless, crew, historians, and other team members/outsourced parties were compensated for their time and work. To back this up, we will publish a report from an independent party to prove no wrongdoing.

Criticism: "...THG threatens legal action against projects to stop competition..."

Our Position: While we took legal action against some commercial projects, we are not looking to stifle "competition" via legal action. These genuine threats of copycats and our work being stolen came with real consequences that we cannot thoroughly discuss. Our wish with legal action is to obtain compensation for damages we see when a company is copying our work without our permission.

One of the many methods we generate money to finance game production is to license our material, sometimes for research. Therefore, our licensable material is of value to us. If used without our permission in a commercial project, it can be damaging. We state the various ways we intend to protect our work on our site and our Demo readme files. We do not express in these documents that we will go after other Titanic projects to stop them because we see them as a threat to us.

Criticism: "...Why haven't you told us how much money THG made through fan contributions and where you spent it?.."

Our Position: From the two IndieGoGo campaigns and various contributions over the years, you have helped us raise $267,930 for the game's development since early 2013. These contributions have been roughly half of our income sources. Of your contribution money, we still have (about) $94k in the bank, spent $39k on production, $36k in many various fees, $32k searching for investors, $22k in taxes, $15k on hardware, $13k on perks and miscellaneous, $11k on research, and $6k on software. Your perk info will also be detailed (and perks aren’t going anywhere!)

Once more, we will publish a report from an independent party to reflect this information about your support money.


Tom Lynskey has been our creative director and public face for almost a decade of the project. THG will forever be intertwined with Tom, even after he has left. Tom has managed to help us gain public interest on various levels. Although he did not study or go to school to run a show like this, he did volunteer to manage it.

After a unanimous decision from all team members, THG needed to move in a new direction as a whole. This moment seemed like the perfect opportunity for Tom to leave it in our hands and focus on his other projects and, most importantly, his life.

We wish Tom a successful new chapter in all his projects, and THG will move on with a re-organized new team. A complete list of the current team is on the team page of the website.

We acknowledge that there are a lot of rumors and stories circulating on the internet. Despite the odd disagreement and creative differences, a decade of cooperation between Tom and the other THG members over this entire journey cannot be reduced to these rumors. We have done too much together for just that. Therefore, unless we see something grossly exaggerated or false, we will not comment on any actions, history, tales, or mis happenings that some people might have had with Tom. Any further commenting would not help either party since we both have moved on in our trajectories.


We are proud to present our two community managers for THG: Chris Daley and James Penca. Not having people doing jobs like this before is why we had a lot of our communication problems in the past. Their job will be to engage with you all. These new roles mean that we are planning to produce video content regularly. Two types of content will be created by the managers: short videos and Livestreams. Videos will be posted on YouTube showing the latest progress or developments within the game. Livestream, held on YouTube or Twitch, will cover an overarching theme or topic (i.e., lifeboats, 2nd class areas, or one of our gameplay features.) During these Livestreams, you can participate by submitting questions about that topic.

Sometimes these streams will also cover the technical side of creating this game. We might have a Livestream where one of the developers is a guest and shows a little peek behind the scenes on game production. The BTS is essential because we want to show you how much work goes into something that might seem relatively easy to create. Additionally, we will organize community events to involve you more. The events could be a raffle, a contest, or featuring a creation from one of our community members: it could be a ship model, a painting, a sculpture, LEGO, or other creative work of art.

For all the 3D artists out there: We will hold contests for various 3D assets to be created by the community. The winner's model will end up in the game, and of course, credit.

Chris and James will also be the ones to communicate with you guys in the outside world. They will engage with you on Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and you can even write them an email. But do not worry! The Dev team will not be silent on social media - but their focus is still on game creation. Having James and Chris being our spokesmen of sorts will also help deal with those miscommunications that have plagued THG in the past. All our Devs will get specific username handles on Discord/Reddit, so you will know who is officially affiliated with Honor and Glory development.

We are also excited to reveal our new site soon by our Website Designer Andy Cain! Hopefully, you all will love the new look of our site and THG as a whole.

Our social media:



We also want to talk a bit about the community and how you all engage with each other. We have noticed in the past that rumors, personal attacks, and other nasty stuff have happened. We cannot, and we will not tolerate that anymore. VDR will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, marital status, national origin, mental or physical disability, political belief or affiliation, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information and any other class of individuals protected from forms of discrimination on our public channels.

Any such acts will not be tolerated, and we will take appropriate actions when necessary. We are working hard on this game, and our team is made up of humans as well, complete with emotions and private lives. Being a Dev/fan/critic for this game does not make any of us a target. What we wish to achieve is a community sharing the same passion: Titanic. Please take your fights somewhere else. If things are getting out of hand, abusive, or defamatory, we reserve the right to moderate and, if required, take legal action. We will take a zero-tolerance policy regarding hostile behavior.


But enough about all that legal stuff! It is no secret that nearly ten years have gone by since the announcement of Titanic: Honor and Glory, and we have not released anything playable save for three demos. We know you are sick of waiting, and we're sick of waiting. This part is our first genuine course change to make sure we are learning from past mistakes and to prove we are not all talk once again.

We are excited to announce that the Titanic: Honor and Glory Alpha is currently being put together. An Alpha is a game in development that the community can enjoy as it is built. Phase One of the project, and by association, the Alpha, will be focused on simply finishing the entire ship. Every room, every corridor, as we always promised, would comprise this game. Following our initial release of the Alpha, we will begin publishing new additions to Titanic regularly, piecemeal style, as the initial Alpha release will not have the whole ship.

During this phase, we will finally get the ship done bit by bit. We have many models awaiting optimizing and importing into the Engine. Unfortunately, some models you have already seen in demos will be or have been remade as they have passed their prime. A couple even date back to 2011 or were created inefficiently. With Unreal Engine 5 on the horizon, we will utilize a higher poly-count, thus a better and more realistic depiction of the assets and models. This process is necessary since all textures need to be updated as well to the latest technological standards. The redo not only benefits the visual appearance but also performs much better in the Game Engine.

In Phase One, there will also be a Tour Mode featuring Log Entries. This feature adds historical insight to our massive Titanic museum. Tour Mode will allow you to inspect or experience parts of the ship in new ways and learn everything about Titanic herself. In Phase Two, these features will be expanded and more added.

The Alpha will be free to everyone up until a certain point in progress. Still, along the way, our Patrons (who give us a voluntary amount monthly to help keep us afloat) will get early access to each update along with contributors.

We plan to release an update approximately once a month. However, we ask for your understanding that the time between updates can vary as the amount of work that goes into each room differs significantly.

This piece-by-piece method of releasing Titanic, starting with the Alpha (which again will be free for everyone), is the main reason why we fully believe we can finish this project. We thoroughly believe we can do it, especially with the new team we have standing tall together. We hope for additional features, which we will discuss as time goes on and we get more confident still.

Stay tuned for Livestreams in the future, where we will walk you through details of the Alpha, Tour Mode, Log Entries, and other gameplay features.


Going forward, and especially during our free Alpha release phase, we will be looking towards our community to help us find issues and bugs in the game. We will have a bug reporting feature built into the game, which will connect to our bug reporting system on our website. You can also directly report issues and bugs from the website and track our updates and known bugs' status.


Until now, the team has been working primarily in their free time to create the experience in THG. We only planned to do this until we secured the investment, knowing how difficult it would be to pay professionals with our current resources. But as we have said that mindset cannot continue if we wish to finish THG in any capacity.

Things are changing somewhat radically. We already have hired full-time artists that will spend every day during the week creating Titanic: Honor and Glory.

To get more work done, we have decided to create a German subsidiary: Vintage Digital Revival GmbH. This subsidiary will house our Technical Director and three part-time modelers, one of which we hope to convert into a full-time position in the fall. The Technical Director's job will be to ensure that the game will be done competently from a technical perspective. This includes all assets, textures, and levels built into the game. Like our North American branch, the German one will not have a physical address nor office. We are still a small team located all around the world!

We’ve also hired a Lead Programmer whose abilities will make more interactivity within the game possible. Later we will employ more people in this department.

With all these measures, we can and will ensure a steady flow of content, entertainment, and, most importantly, information unlike before. But the unforeseen can happen, and we will be very transparent about any issues and delays. There will be no more dark ages of no news from our team.


You probably have guessed that it is not cheap to create a game. Many people need to be paid, hardware replaced if broken, fees, taxes, insurance, and other costs need to be covered. The money from contributions, YouTube ad revenue, and Patreon helps us a lot. Still, as time goes by, these can deplete way faster than we might like if we do not keep generating more (since we are self-funded.) To continue feeding our boilers and develop this game, we need to create income as we do not desire to rely on contributions forever.

This is the reason for us selling printed models in our store. But we will soon add various other purchasable items, which might range from a small item for a couple of dollars to more collectible pieces. With more added vendors, some products will be custom-made for us by very skilled companies with limited qualities. We will also add new, more extensive, and various printed goodies. All sales and money will go directly to the development of the game.

Speaking of the store, let's talk about the models! Zeno Silva sits down every day and paints the models, probably even as you read this. In the beginning, Zeno just worked part-time on the models. That meant painting them during the night since he had a day job. As the numbers went up, the nights became longer. In December 2019, he quit his day job to become a full-time modeler. A staggering amount of 1,022 ships have been finished and sent out so far. This is not including the Nomadics (about 100), and there are still 950 hand-painted ships in the queue. About 92 ships are being painted at the same time. This is faster than making each ship from beginning to end.

He is doing this with his wife, and if you crunch the numbers, you will see it is a job of passion (so technically, it's like they make less than minimum wage!) They do this so our focus can be on THG. There will be live streams where he will elaborate on how the process is being done, so you will see how much time and effort is going into these ships. But for the most part, people are patient, for which we are very thankful. We had only 21 cancellations from over 2,000 orders. Again, thank you for your patience.


There have been a lot of rumors about our financial situation. One more time, because it is crucial: will release a certified audit done by an independent third-party that shows your contributions have not been embezzled or spent frivolously. This is to stop the rumors circulating and show you where your money has helped us.

Regardless of contributions, store sales, other revenue, we appreciate any support from the community. Whether it is a one-time payment, recurring support via Patreon, our store, or just buying our game upfront. We are grateful for every penny of support. You guys keep our operation afloat as we work to deliver you the product you deserve.


We will not comment on anything from the past that this statement has not covered. We will not comment on former team members nor on things that have happened. As exciting as these matters may seem, talking about them further is counterproductive to our progress and forward-thinking outlook. We acknowledge our past, our mistakes, and our shortcomings, but dwelling over them is not going to finish this game faster. We are attempting to learn from our past and adjust our actions, so the events do not repeat. We thank you for your understanding.


We hope to engage with the community differently from what it has been in the past. Even more visually, it will be a different approach as well. We hope that you will like our new style and design. We also made the deliberate decision not to delete past content (though some of Tom's work moved over to his Part-Time Explorer channel.) We have nothing to hide, and the past is part of our history and our learning curve.


We have had so many generous offers of assistance and help over the years, and we kept our gates locked shut. Not anymore! So, are you a Titanic-nut? Do you want to contribute with a non-financial method? Join this ship of fools! We will have a form where you can volunteer to offer your talent to contribute to the project in any capacity. Of course, you will understand that this is typically voluntary, and we cannot pay you a full salary. However, if the items you create or services you offer end up in the game, you will be credited, but we will also ship out a goodies package to you.


In the past, we know we have not handled everything perfectly. This led to bridges being burned. As a result of this, we want to restore old connections and renew relationships with individuals and organizations alike. We also want to emphasize that other Titanic-related projects are not our competition nor our enemies. We are all part of the Titanic community. We are all in the same boat (ship), and we should stick together. If somebody wishes to have our assistance, we will see how we can help!


It has been a long road (and a very long statement), and some of you may be wondering, "well, we'll see." We are now well-aware of our missteps and the many criticisms of us and our project. That awareness gave us new resolve to avoid past mistakes, vastly improve our future, and finally, deliver a whole new direction and way of doing things.

However, we know talk is cheap. We know we have made many plans and promises before and failed to deliver. We fully realize that there's currently nothing to convince our skeptics that things will differ this time. We can talk for hours, but what truly matters is action at the end of the day. We need to make good on our words and prove ourselves. We are going to show that you can trust us with our actions going forward: our new commitment to communication and the content we release, and we hope you'll give us that opportunity.

Thank you so much for reading and your continued support of THG! Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!