The "Main Support Team" consists of the those who either work on the project almost daily with the core Honor and Glory crew or have given serious time towards the game.

These talented and hard working memebers of the Honor and Glory team have made major contributions to creating the game. For some, this is a dream come true. Others a chance to demonstarte their amazing skills to the public. They come from around the world and all walks of life and without them the game would be seriously lacking in many different aspects.

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Anthony Casalena

Musical Composer

Chris Daley

Titanic Modeler

Nicolas Murgia

Historical Texture Artist


It only took a moment for Anthony Casalena to become enthralled by the intricacies of orchestral music, and how accurately it could convey a particular emotion.  He promptly began cultivating his new passion through classical piano training and by 17 had immersed himself into a wide range of genres.  At 22, he furthered his education at the SAE Institute of New York and upon graduation has produced an extensive portfolio of pieces for advertising, game, and film. Like many young people, Anthony was also intrigued by the story of the Titanic, even writing a speech on the topic while in primary school.  20 years later he is pleased to be given the opportunity to score the music for the modern video game.

Being involved with a team whose vocation is to give fans and enthusiasts a life-like experience is an honor.  He will put forth his greatest efforts in trying to capture the gargantuan ship’s decor with music and enliven all of the game’s advocates.

Chris was born in June. He likes Titanic and breakfast. He needs a full bio.

Nicolas a Titanic enthusiast from France. He’s graduated with a master’s degree in French contemporary literature, and has a degree in English. His hobbies in period styles, and touching up photographs allow him to master some features of GIMP (a free and open-source alternative to Photoshop), which he uses to create accurate historical textures for the game, from the original upholstery patterns on the seats in the Reception room or in the cabins to "NOTICE" signs on the decks of the ship, and much more.

His passion for Titanic started more than 15 years ago, when his 16-year-old cousin, who was crazy about Leonardo DiCaprio as the James Cameron’s film was coming out, told him of this ship which sank during its maiden voyage. He fell in love with the ship instantly and his passion got worse when he saw artifacts retrieved from the wreck in Paris in 2003. Nicolas fed his passion by doing a lot of research on the internet and by buying many books about the ship. He joined the Facebook community in 2009, and started to work on the Titanic Walkthrough Project by Clément d’Esparbès and to interact with Titanic specialists, before finally joining the Titanic: Honor and Glory project during the spring of 2012.


If you would like to contribute please click the image above. All contributions go directly into helping create the project dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of those who were aboard the great ship and Titanic herself.