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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Our Projects:

What's the story behind the "Real-Time Sinking Animation?"

We certainly didn’t expect it to become as big as it did! It was originally our previsualization animation for testing our sinking level. We uploaded it as a backdrop for our anniversary podcast in 2016. Check out a more in-depth behind the scenes of the animation below.

We made a real-time sinking of Titanic’s sister ship, HMHS Britannic, and we’d love to do at least some of the other major sinkings of that era. But, our priority needs to be the production of this game right now.

Are you making any more real-time sinking animations?


Other Projects:

Yes! For many of us, that was our favorite video game growing up. We have fond memories of playing this, and even did a YouTube livestream play through.

(It's one of our first livestreams, so we have some hiccups, but it's a fun playthrough.)

Have you heard of or played Titanic: Adventure Out of Time?

No, Titanic: Honor and Glory is a completely original game with completely original characters and story.

Is this game a remake of that game?

Our game is completely original but when both are mysteries set aboard Titanic’s fateful voyage there’s bound to be some overlap.

Will this game be similar in any way?

We love Easter Eggs and inside jokes. There will be plenty of subtle nods like these at every nostalgic Titanic film or game from the last century.

Will this game include any easter eggs related to AOoT?

We’ve been involved with every Titanic II project in the last decade in one way or another; it’s been very exciting! We have not been working with any party in exclusivity, and we are open to additional partnerships. It speaks volumes about our work if every Titanic II project has approached our team for help in their designs.

Have you heard of Titanic II/2?

James Cameron's Film:

No, as the lead characters in the film were fictional. That includes not only Jack and Rose, but also Cal, Ruth, Lovejoy, Tommy, and Fabrizio. As they are all fictional, they will not be appearing in our game, no matter how beloved they are by fans.

Will Jack and Rose be in the game?

Will the ship sink like in the movie?

No, the sinking in the film is inaccurate. We say this with all due respect – it’s certainly an amazing visual spectacle and it was executed with the best historical information they had at the time. But both their historical adviser’s and even director James Cameron say how inaccurate their depiction was. A lot of what we know that’s wrong about the film was actually proven by James Cameron himself. Our depiction will be using updated information and tests of our own.

Yes, that car will be there, but you won’t see it. It wasn’t shipped in one piece, but broken down and crated up for shipping. If you’re diligent, you’ll find the boxes.

Will you have the car in the cargo hold?

Yes, but only because the car was actually there, albeit in a crate and not out in the open.

Will the game include any easter eggs relating to the film?