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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Licensing Questions

Has your game been used in films or documentaries?

Yes. To support our day to day costs of this production, we regularly license our content to documentaries, film, television shows, or other video or print media. We also do consulting.

Check out our services page to get a better idea of what it is you’re looking for from us, then send us an email. All the information you need is on that page!

How do I license footage for my film / documentary / etc?


Absolutely! We encourage youtubers or other vloggers to do Let’s Play style videos or reviews of our work. As long as you don’t distort the project and let your viewers know where to find us, you may use things free of charge. We appreciate the free advertising and you may even monetize the videos. We do not, however, allow people to simply re-upload our videos.

Can I make a "Let's Play!" or review of this demo for YouTube (or similar site / platform)?

We’ve been involved with every Titanic II project in the last decade in some way or another; it’s been very exciting! We have not been working with any party in exclusivity, and we are open to additional partnerships. It speaks volumes about our work if every Titanic II project has approached our team for help in their designs.

Can we license materials or have your team consult with our physical recreation?

Sorry, but we do not license our content to competing projects. If you truly believe you are not in competition with us, then we’d be open to discussion.

Can we license your models for our own video game project?

No, our work is not to be used for the assistance of competition. All of our published materials (stills, videos, demos) have methods in them that allow us to see when they have been reproduced by another project without our permission. If you truly believe you are not in competition with us, then we’d be open to working with you directly.

Can we use your work / demos / images for our own video game project?

Absolutely. We not only love supporting other Titanic historians and enthusiasts, but want to help encourage them. Check out our services page to get a better idea of what you would be looking for from us, then contact us by the instructions given on that page.

Can I license images for my book / presentation / etc?

It’s funny – there doesn’t seem to be a single other Titanic project in the last half a decade that hasn’t lifted something (or everything) from us. That’s a blanket statement; there may be exceptions that we are unaware of, but it’s what we’ve encountered so far. If you see this in any other Titanic game product, please report it to us through our contact page.

I've seen your work in other video games / projects... how do I inform you?