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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Historical Questions

Will there be historical characters in the game?

As of now, we’re looking at a cast of about 200 historical figures that the player can talk to, learn about, or at least pick out of the crowds. We’re keeping a lot of them a surprise until the very end, but they include the well known ones we all want to meet (Thomas Andrews, Margaret Brown, Lawrence Beesley, Charles Lightoller, etc), to some of the lesser known or more unique characters (Joseph Laroche, Masafumi Hosono, etc).

As authentic as humanly possible. Our company prides itself in going absolutely overkill with research. When you finish this game you will know Titanic almost as well as the experts know Titanic.

How authentic will this game be?


Yes, we’d love to hear from you! We cannot promise that your relative will be included in the project, but we want as much involvement from descendants as possible. Please contact us and share whatever information or stories you can. Photographs are always welcome! Contact us through our contact page (you’ll be able to attach images when we’re in touch via email).

I have a relative who was on Titanic / helped build her / was connected to her story. Can I get in touch with you?

No, it's not a fantasy game. We work hard to research the Titanic story in every way we can. These stories simply do not hold up, and the propagation of them is a disrespect to those who died on Titanic or had their lives ruined by the disaster. We not only do not subscribe to these theories, but we are regularly working to debunk them.

Will you feature conspiracies or other alternative theories such as the coal fire myth or Olympic-Switch?

We are developing our own theory based off of forensics and eye-witness accounts. The closest third-party model to compare it to would be James Cameron’s Final Word Documentary (National Geographic, 2012). Things have come a long way since then and our theory is still developing.

There are so many different depictions of the sinking and breakup according to many sources... which version will the game follow?