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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Gameplay Questions

Will the game have a story, levels, or mission?

Yes it will. You’ll have several levels with various objectives that drive the storyline along, allowing the player to meet real-life figures from history and explore Titanic with a purpose.

The player is an Oxford University student named Owen Robert Morgan.

Who do we play as?


Morgan is accused of murder and robbery. He must evade capture and find a way aboard Titanic in pursuit of the real culprit. He spends the voyage earning the respect and help of some of those on board the ship in order to piece the clues together about what is going on.

What is the storyline?

Absolutely! Come on, that’s obviously why you’re here. We’re going to great lengths to create the most realistic depiction of the sinking of Titanic that’s been done yet.

Will we see the ship sink?

We’ll talk about that later.

Will there be a multiplayer mode?

We realize that there will be many users that are only here to see the ship and explore every last detail. They don’t want a story or a game; they just want to roam Titanic. We get you. From the start, we’ve always planned to implement a Free-Roam mode where the player can wander at their leisure with no locked doors and no time limits.

Will there be a free-roam mode where we can explore Titanic without a story?

Yes, including a mode where the player can drive the ship. We’ll talk about that later.

Are you recreating anything else historical besides Titanic for
the project?