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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions are listed below the videos. More in depth answers are included in the video segments about specific topics. The team has a video Q&A session or answers an interesting question in detail at the beginning of each month, after an update. 

July 2018

June 2018



What is Titanic: Honor and Glory?
How much of Titanic are you building?
When will the game be finished?
Who is making this game?
Why not use "honour," the British spelling, instead of "honor?"
Can I join the team and work on the project?
How does this project stand out from all the other Titanic projects? What is different?
Isn't it disrespectful to make a video game about the Titanic disaster? 
Can I contribute to this project?
How can I receive updates and stay in the loop?



Has your game been used in films or documentaries?
How do I license footage for my film/documentary/etc?
Can I make a "Let's Play!" or review of this demo for YouTube (or similar site/platform)?
Can we license materials or have your team consult with our physical recreation?
Can we license your models for our own video game project?
Can we use your work/demos/images for our own video game project?
Can I license images for my book/presentation/etc?
I've seen your work in other video games/ do I inform you?



Where can I get this game, or where will it be available?
Can I play a demo?
Will the finished game be available on consoles or Mac?
What will the system requirements be?
What do you anticipate it being rated?
What is Unreal Engine 4?
Will the game be VR (virtual reality) compatible? (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, etc.)



Will the game have a story, levels, or mission?
Who do we play as?
What is the storyline?
Will we see the ship sink?
Will there be a multiplayer mode?
Will there be a free-roam mode where we can explore Titanic without a story?
Are you recreating anything else historical besides Titanic for the project?
Are there additional game modes?



Will there be historical characters in the game?
How authentic will this game be?
I have a relative who was on Titanic/helped build her/was connected to her story. Can I get in touch with you?
Will you feature conspiracies or other alternative theories such as the coal fire myth or Olympic-Switch?
There are so many different depictions of the sinking and breakup according to many sources...which version will the game follow?



How can I contribute financially to the game?
Where do the contributions go/how are the contributions used?
What do I get in return?
When will I see my name and ino on the "Thank You" and "Return Voyages" pages?
Will you always be accepting contributions?
If you aren’t invested what happens to my contribution?



Our Projects:
What's the story behind the "Real-Time Sinking Animation?"
Are you making any more real-time sinking animations?

Other Projects:
Have you heard of or played Titanic: Adventure Out of Time?
Is this game a remake of that game?
Will this game be similar in any way?
Will this game include any easter eggs related to AOoT?
Have you heard of Titanic II/2?

James Cameron's Film:
Will Jack and Rose be in the game?
Will the ship sink like in the movie?
Will you have the car in the cargo hold?
Will the game include any easter eggs relating to the film?