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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Daniel Smith


Daniel Smith is a White Star Line collector and the former editor of the Nomadic Preservation Society magazine Lone Star. During his time working with the N.P.S he has been privileged to a lot of behind the scenes planning of Nomadic’s continued restoration and has published 3 magazines for the society, the latest being released in April 2014.

As a collector Daniels collection is mainly focused around paper items from passenger lists, photographs, post card, brochures and deck plans and spans the entire White Star fleet. Living in Oxfordshire, England he has had the opportunity to travel to prominent locations connected to the Titanic and has been able to supply historical and modern photography of Southampton, Belfast, Kempton Steam works and where possible Titanic / Olympic for use as reference material and background research.

And lastly as a long-time supporter and contributor of the project he is always keen to cast an opinion when called on and to lend a hand if anything comes up.