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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Daniel Klistorner


Daniel Klistorner developed a fascination with the Titanic in the early 1990’s upon reading a newspaper article about an expedition to the wreck. This original interest was followed by a complete immersion in researching the ship, with a focus on passengers and their life and experience aboard Titanic. Having established his interest and research in passengers, this paved the way to a detailed study of passenger accommodations and interior spaces of Olympic and Titanic.

Daniel has an extensive collections of Olympic, Titanic, and White Star Line memorabilia, including plans, booklets, brochures, magazines, ephemera and photographs. His knack for detail and extensive research has been paramount in his comprehensive understanding of Olympic and Titanic's passenger areas, interiors and fittings. It was for this reason he was asked to contribute as co-author to Titanic: The Ship Magnificent. He is also the lead author of Titanic in Photographs and regularly consults on the subject to the media, auction houses, exhibitions and museums around the world.

Daniel is an avid traveller and has combined his two passions - travel and research - on a number of occasions traveling through Europe, UK and USA. He lives in Sydney, Australia and is always working on some Titanic-related projects, which also includes consulting to the Titanic: Honor and Glory team.

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