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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Core Crew

The founding members of Titanic: Honor and Glory who are responsible for the major goings-on within the project. A group drawn together from all over the United States for their various skills to work on this project, they have immense interest in Titanic and care deeply for the subject and nautical history. Their dedication drives their goal of bringing Titanic and her story to life for all who desire to experience the great liner's tale like never before.



Creative Director, Writer, Producer



Project Manager, Modeler, Producer

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Technical Modeler


Titanic Crew

These teammates work all the time on the project - as much as they possibly can - and love the ship and history. Each member of the Titanic Crew comes from a different country from across the globe, and makes up the backbone of our project.

Giovanni Castro - Titanic Modeler & Researcher

Chris Daley - Titanic Modeler & Researcher

Matthew Howell - Social Media Manager

Nicolas Murgia - Texture Artist & Researcher

James Penca - Voice Actor & Writing

Zeno Silva - Marketing & Merchandising 

(left to right)
Emma van Zeumeren, Thomas Lynskey,
Chris Daley, and Matt DeWinkeleer at Titanic Belfast.

(left to right)
Nicolas Murgia, Emma van Zeumeren, Thomas Lynskey,
Matt DeWinkeleer, and Chris Daley at Cherbourg.

(left to right)
Kyle Hudak, Matt DeWinkeleer,
Thomas Lynskey, and Zeno Silva at The Grand Hotel.

(left to right)
Alan St. George, Matt Howell, Matt DeWinkeleer, and Kyle Hudak
at Titanic Pigeon Forge.


Support Crew

Members of the Titanic: Honor and Glory team who have contributed to the project in many ways. Without the assistance of some of these team members the project would not be what it is today.

Yannick Allen-Larochelle - Logo Designer 

Dennis Batol - Modeler 

Anthony Casalena - Musical Composer 

Matthew Chapman - Painter 

Zack Snyder - Concept Artist

Tino Thob - Modeler 

Tomás Tonon - Modeler

Emma van Zeumeren - Concept Artist & Photographer