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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Thank you for taking your interest in Titanic: Honor and Glory! Before going further, and possibly helping to contribute to the project, we’d like to take the chance to answer any linger questions you might have regarding funding and money and why we continue asking for support at this time.

We have held two fundraising campaigns on IndieGoGo over the course of several years. These were to start up the project and see if this was a feasible idea and could be brought to fruition. It generated a lot of attention for the game, and as it turned out it turned the project into a lot more than was originally expected. While our initial goals were not met, we raised $80,500 with the two campaigns which partially went towards startup costs and researching the great ship. The rest is reserved to continue working on the game.


However, as we said, the project turned into a lot more than we ever could have anticipated. We realized that there was much potential in a Titanic video game and that we needed to raise the stakes, and the costs, to complete this and bring it to the finish line. It wouldn’t be funded with crowd-sourcing alone and possibly multiple investors would be required to fully finance the game to bring it to the standards of a video game in the industry today. That required some changes, including figuring out a price for the game, redesigning of the story, marketing, crew size, and other logistics. But sometime after the final campaign the search for investors began.

During that time the game is continuing to be worked on by the crew. The core team, and many of the support staff and advisors, work on this for next to nothing or free. Funds raised by contributions from fans go directly into the production of the game itself and nowhere else- for research, purchasing or licensing models, hiring third-party production staff, etc. Never does it go to the company that is behind the game, Four Funnels Entertainment Co., or its parent company, Vintage Digital Revival LLC (both of which we will discuss shortly.)

Some of the business is explained within this video.

Income from licensing and YouTube ad revenue is the source for business costs and day-to-day expenses that are not directly tied to creating the game. We offer services for television, commercial, documentary, online, and any media outlet that have need for Titanic-related imagery. We are proud to have been featured on major cable networks, pay channels, and streaming services. If you are interested in licensing from us, please visit this page here.


Finally, Titanic: Honor and Glory is being created by Four Funnels Entertainment Co. A subsidiary of Vintage Digital Revival- a limited liability company created with the aim of preserving the past with the technology available of today, founded 10-10-2013. Originally Four Funnels Co. alone was behind the development of T:HG. As further projects started coming up hand-in-hand alongside the game it was decided to keep Four Funnels’ focus on the game and have VDR as the parent working on all projects.


We want to thank all of our dedicated fans who have contributed to the game throughout the years and stood by us as we've encountered and dealt with iceberg after iceberg!

This game is being made for you.