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Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Bill Wormstedt


Bill Wormstedt first became interested in the Titanic after reading Walter Lord's classic A Night to Remember in junior high school. He discovered the online Titanic community in 1995, and soon started commenting and writing about the Titanic, and his articles have been published in the Titanic Historical Society's The Titanic Commutator, Encyclopedia Titanica, and his own website: Bill Wormstedt's Titanic. With Tad Fitch and George Behe, he co-wrote The Lifeboat Launching Sequence Re-Examined, a widely accepted correction of the 1912 findings into the lifeboats. Bill is also one of eleven coauthors of Report Into the Loss of the SS Titanic, A Centennial Reappraisal (2012), a series of essays about various aspects of the sinking. Bill's most recent book is On A Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic (2012) a comprehensive history of the ship and those aboard it that he coauthored with Tad Fitch and J. Kent Layton. This volume was nominated for the 2012 Mountbatten Award by the Maritime Foundation of Britain, and remains one of the most noteworthy books ever released on the history of the legendary Titanic. Bill is a computer programmer, living in Shoreline Washington with his wife Nancy.