Titanic sinks in REAL TIME - 2 HOURS 40 MINUTES

Official teaser trailer.

Our character modeler shows us his work on the Grand Staircase cherubs and clock carvings.

An update from the core team's first full meeting and our plans for the coming few weeks.

Quick reel of people using our demo with Oculus Rift.

Multiple-viewpoint video of the reception sinking.

NEW - A brief sinking animation in UE4 to demonstrate real-time sinking events and ambiance.

A new tour of several First and Third Class areas of the ship in-game. 

In this video, we discuss a recent discovery of a detail possibly unique to Titanic.

"Oxford Street, Southampton, 1912" - TITANIC: Honor and Glory

Showing off the first bits of Southampton, England, as it will appear in our game. November, 2014.

Take an exclusive look at our most recent work in Unreal Engine 4.


In these videos, we cover the trip part of our team took to various Titanic-related places in the U.K., including the hotel where much of Olympic's First Class Lounge paneling is installed.

Heathrow, John Phillips Memorial, and The Grapes Pub - Day 2

Original Honor and Glory clock, Creepy Vaults, and Terrible Pool - Day 3

Titanic Memorials in Southampton, Off to Oxford! Days 4 and 5

WSL Headquarters, Olympic Paintings, and Drunk Matt - Day 6 and 7

Playing Piano in Olympic's Original Lounge

Lancashire to Alnwick, Day 8

Olympic's Original Lounge, Day 9

MASSIVE Private collection of White Star Items - Day 10

Question and Answers with the Crew

Session Two (September 30, 2014)

Session One (January 1, 2014)


Campaign Video for Phase 3 (February 20th, 2015)

Quick update about the demo and campaign. (April 2015)

How our game could be used for educational purposes.

A video about our plans up to February 2015. (September 2014)

IndieGoGo Fundraiser for Phase 2

Campaign Video (March 15, 2013)

Grand Staircase Fly-through (early import)

Work in Progress of First Class Spaces (showcasing the exploration of the models, and not the engine work... nor piano skills)

Films on the Side

"The Last Signals" (2012), Directed by Tom Lynskey

"Belfast Air" (2013), Directed by Tom Lynskey

Using often ignored evidence, our team continues to develop new theories and concepts regarding how Titanic was and what occurred that night. Major credit to Parks Stephenson for developing this conclusion.

If you would like to contribute please click the image above. All contributions go directly into helping create the project dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of those who were aboard the great ship and Titanic herself.