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Members’ Survey 2019


Hello fellow members,

It has been a full and busy six years since the launch of Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada. The TSAC Board of Directors feels that this is the right time to take a moment and speak to the membership about what they would like to see happen in the next five years. Please take a few minutes and respond to the TSAC Members’ Survey below. Results will be presented at a fall General Meeting. You may choose to remain anonymous if you wish by skipping question #1.

If you have additional comments, please e-mail the Secretary at titanicsociety@eastlink.ca, or post mail to 3129 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Timberlea, NS B3T 1H1

01. Name
01. Name
Leave blank if you choose to remain anonymous
Select one:
Select one:
05. Over the past 5 years, which TSAC events have you attended at least once?
06. Would you agree that you enjoyed the following events?
06. Would you agree that you enjoyed the following events?
If not applicable, leave blank
Annual General Meetings
General Meetings
Annual Launching of Titanic Model in Halifax Public Gardens
Upkeep of Mount Olivet Cemetery Titanic graves
Annual Titanic Commemoration at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Bi-Annual Memorial Wreath Ceremony with US Coast Guard International Ice Patrol
Halifax Celtic Festival - Management of TSAC Exhibit Booth
TIS / TSAC Convention (2018)
Book Launches co-hosted by the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Tours of local Museums, Churches, etc
Joint Meeting with SS Atlantic Society
08. What other kinds of activities and programs would you like TSAC to offer?
14. Please select local maritime subjects of interest to you that you would like to see TSAC focus more on
15. What is your preferred method of getting information about the society?