The "Core Team" consists of the founding and primary members of the Honor and Glory team.

As the term "core team" suggests these are the people responsible for the major goings-on within the project: direction, production, and major modeling and programming. A group drawn together from all over North America for their various skills to work on this project, they have immense interest in the Titanic and care deeply for the subject. Their dedication drives their goal of bringing Titanic and history to life for all who want to experience the great liner and her story like never before.

  Thomas Lynskey    Director, Producer, Writer

Thomas Lynskey

Creative Director, Writer, Producer

  Matthew DeWinkeleer       Producer, Interior Modeler,   Legal

Matthew DeWinkeleer

Project Manager, Modeler, Producer

 Kyle Hudak   Exterior and Technical Modeler

Kyle Hudak

Modeler, Programer

If you would like to contribute please click the image above. All contributions go directly into helping create the project dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of those who were aboard the great ship and Titanic herself.