Southampton, England is a city that saw enormous change over the past 100 years. There are very few buildings that remain completely unchanged since the time of the Titanic, and the documentation of these areas as they appeared in 1912 is scattered. However, with around 540 of Titanic's crew listing Southampton as their residency, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the city of Southampton deserves a faithful recreation in our game with just as much effort and research as the Titanic herself.

A Tour of Oxford Street, as it would have appeaerd in 1912. These models are early work-in-progresses.

Early video discussion the ideas we hope to include in the city's recreation.

Increments of expansion

We've broken the 1912 city down into 8 different color codes, each numbered with the order in which we'll focus on them. Work has already begun on the greenzone with progress having been done on nearly every street in it. It is all an early work-in-progress and obviously lacking textures, but samples are in the gallery above. 1, "Green", is the only section we can guarantee will be included in the game, but we are shooting high for the rest of the city.

If you would like to contribute please click the image above. All contributions go directly into helping create the project dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of those who were aboard the great ship and Titanic herself.