Titanic: Honor and Glory
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T:HG Prints Store Policies


No returns accepted. Please review our terms of service below.


PRINTING: The images were taken out of the game engine at 4K resolution and printed at a shop on high gloss, 80lb coated paper. Printed in bulk, there is no guarantee that every print is 100% flawless. The company will do their best to review each print before mailing it to make sure there are no massive blemishes or misprints, however if there are any small imperfections with the images do to typography this is not the fault of the company, and at the final time of purchase you agree that this is an acceptable variance in the printing process and the items cannot be returned for this reason. Nor can they be returned due to misaligned borders, poor ink quality, or any other print problems as the company will send out images they believe are of proper quality and you agree upon purchase to put your faith in the company’s decision.

SHIPPING: Prints will be mailed between cardboard sheets for safety within a thick envelope clearly labeled “DO NOT BEND” on front and back for added protection. Once the transaction is complete you agree that VDR and FFE have done everything within their abilities to protect the prints and anything that happens within transport to their final destination is the cause of the shipping services.


Any images purchased from this site, unless discussed previously, are for private personal use only and may not be reproduced, modified, or redistributed in any way. Nor may they be utilized as a reference in any commercial recreations, museums, attractions, or exhibits without prior knowledge and agreements with VDR and FFE.

For usage requests, please contact contact@vintagedigitalrev.com