On a lot of our posts, you may see us referring to "Phase 2" or "Phase 3". Here, you'll find a basic outline of what each of those phases stand for. The breakdown below is a demonstration of what our schedule and plan is through the completion of the project, put into terms for public display.


Phase 1 - Complete

Early concepts, basic models, and project outlines. Phase 1 can be wrapped up by simply stating 'all our work before the project got into gear and did the fund raiser'. All work under the project title "Lost in the Darkness" can also be considered Phase 1. Early research is done here.

PHASE 1 BUDGET - $30,000 (Paid out of pocket)


Phase 2 - In Progress - 85%

Completion of large areas of the ship, development of work flows, official story and script laid out, and assembly of all major game components and business elements. Completion of all research for ship, additional models, and story lines must be completed here

PHASE 2 BUDGET - $25,000 ($20,000 from IndieGoGo, $5,000 out of pocket)

Estimated Completion of Phase 2 - March, 2015


Phase 3 - Pending February, 2015

The bulk of the project. Hiring of additional team members, official programming, completion of all game models, dialogue, sound, and music recordings, and all other in game works will be accomplished here.

PHASE 3 BUDGET - $1,200,000 (Divided amongst IndieGoGo, out of pocket, and Investors)


Phase 4 - Pending

Completion of testing, bug fix, and any 'post-production' work.

PHASE 4 BUDGET - $20,000 (Covered in Phase 3 Budget)


Phase 5 - Distribution and Marketing

The official release of the game.

PHASE 5 BUDGET - (Covered in Phase 3 Budget)