A Review of Phase 2 - Tom and Matt discuss the advancements in the game during the course of the past year, as well as how the first fundraiser helped us.

  • 30% went to Third Part Commissions, or hiring modelers to take care of niche work for us
  • 25% of the budget went to purchasing computers and other equipment to allow us to work efficiently and operate the needed programs
  • 12% went to reference material, including detailed plans, high res photographs, vintage postcards (for Southampton), and other materials to help us achieve authenticity
  • 10% went to IndieGoGo Perks (stationary packs were killers!)
  • 9% for travel to establish the business and meet with potential business partners, as well as gathering unique research

New and Revised Areas In Phase 2 Include:

  • All Dining Saloons
  • Scotland Road
  • The Second Class Stairs
  • The Turkish Bath
  • The Plunge Bath
  • The First Class Smoke Room
  • The Hospital
  • The First Class Pantry
  • The Forecastle
  • The Poop Deck
  • The Boiler Rooms
  • The Barber Shops
  • The Second Class Smoke Room
  • The First Class Lounge
  • The Squash Court

Sweden and the united kingdom

In late 2013, Tom went to Sweden and the United Kingdom for a week. While the trip was based around a potential business partnership that cannot be disclosed, notes were taken all around regarding Titanic and ocean liner history. Sweden was the country of origin for the majority of non-English speaking Titanic passengers, and suffered a high number of fatalities in the disaster.

Washington, DC

On the way to Florida to establish the business, the team shot a video at the Women's Titanic Memorial in Washington, DC, discussing the history of the memorial. This video has not been released, but may be in the future.


In Florida, aside from establishing the business as a legal entity, Tom and Matt had in-depth discussions regarding script and character development, as well as visiting the Titanic Experience in Orlando. On the day of departure, a package arrived from consultant Ken Marschall, greatly aiding the efforts to assemble documentation for the entire ship.

New York City

In New York, part of the team took a moment to visit the old White Star and Cunard piers, including Pier 59, where Titanic was bound for, and Pier 54, where the Carpathia dropped off survivors, and the ill fated liner Lusitania departed from three years later. It has just recently been confirmed that Pier 54 will be demolished for development.

Matt's Visits to Pennsylvania

While trivial in sound, Matt and Tom met up often in Pennsylvania to continue discussions regarding business, story, concept, and research. The team promoted the game at local community fairs, and also took an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the USS Olympia in Philadelphia. The Olympia was built 20 years earlier than the Titanic, but still has many similar features and equipment, contributing to our reference database. (Click here to watch the video of our visit)