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Vintage Digital Revival is offering its services to companies interested in Titanic media. We can provide highly detailed and accurate imagery of the RMS Titanic for any type of project from stage, television, internet, and even film. Only we are able to supply the entertainment industry with a "digital set" of the RMS Titanic allowing an unprecedented freedom for documentaries, shorts, specials, shows, and movies. 

In the past, it would cost thousands, perhaps millions to recreate the famous spaces seen on Titanic. Now with our incredible 3D recreations so long as your production company has filmed in front of a blue or green screen we can put Titanic behind your actors. Any spaces, famous or not, are accessible adding an incredible amount of realism to your production.

Also available is the ship herself- sailing majestically across the Atlantic or even sinking on that infamous night.

Our knowledge regarding the detail of the Titanic is second to none when it comes to the ship inside and out. Besides digital work, we can provide sketches and diagrams for physical set work, set design and dressing. Other Edwardian and Victorian historical services provided to assist with any production can be accomplished by our team of well skilled Titanic and period historians. 

If your production company is looking for Titanic media please send us an email at Once both parties have signed our mutual nondisclosure agreement we can begin to discuss how Titanic can sail to your audience.

We also provide licensing of our work for other commercial products such as displays, posters, for books, or museums. Titanic has mass popularity and we can help share her with your company's needs. Please contact us today.

Licensed imagery and works are separate entities from the game project Titanic: Honor and Glory.

HD Video and Stills

Tier-One: Non-Exclusive, previously rendered and released images or video. Examples include anything from our released images and our YouTube videos.

Tier-Two: Customized images or video of a complete and released part of the project. Adjustments to camera angles, lighting, and minor adjustments to assets/models. These are assets which are non-exclusive and have been publicly released and discussed via email between Client and Artist.

Tier-Three: Exclusive, fully-customized image or video, or a un-released part of the project or unfinished space. Full customization. Includes anything involving the events of the sinking due to complexity (unless a previously released sinking image or video.)

Licensing Plan
Blue - Tiers One and Two
Green - Tiers Two and Three
Black - Exclusively Tier Three



More imagery examples can be found here.

Custom Services

Set Design / Architectural Service

Illustrations and concepts


Full room plans and designs

General Titanic Services

1912 world research

Ship-board activities

Passenger and crew research


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