Male Audition

Instructions: Read through the following paragraphs, following the italicized instructions above them. If you would prefer to use a voice other than what is instructed, simply state ahead of time what you are going for. Customized auditions are also welcome; the following are just samples.

When finished, upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video hosting site (or file hosting site, if submitting mp3), and send it here.

Relaxed, calm, high-class accent (either British or American):

This is turning out to be a splendid voyage. The weather has been pleasant since leaving Europe, apart from the occasional cloud cover, and the ship is making far better time than any of us expected! I dare say that this crossing may be one for the history books!

Quiet, as if afraid someone may overhear, in a voice tone that is consistent with the role you’ve auditioning for:

I saw someone climbing around the fourth funnel. It’s a dummy, you know? You can climb right up to the top. You may want to look up there, if you haven’t already. Mind you though, snooping around has always led to trouble.

Commanding, British accent, shouting in urgency yet maintaining authority:

Step back, I say! Only women at children at the moment, men please step back! I am not afraid to shoot you dogs into the water if we don’t preserve order here! You! Back, now!

Urgent, accent of your choice, semi-fearful, but not panicked:

Water is on E-Deck, last I heard. The ship can’t hold out much longer. I heard there aren’t enough lifeboats for the men on board. I don’t know about you, but I intend to get into a boat.