Thomas Lynskey

Project Director, Manager, Story & Script Writer

Tom is a 24 year old independent filmmaker, from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. His expertise is in script writing, producing, directing, editing, and acting, and has been making films for over 15 years. His interests including history- primarily the Titanic, but also anything from history that can spark the imagination- traveling, and adventures. One of his favorite pastimes is traveling, having been to Europe several times, as well as Asia and the Middle East.

On the front step of the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Sherlock Holmes author.

Tom has assisted with documentation for the American Library of Congress and the Super Bowl, and has produced films for the US Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. Tom has also worked with local municipalities to produce televised PSA's and other commercials. While that summarizes the commissioned works, the independent projects are far more colorful.

For Honor and Glory, he is the project’s manager/director; a guiding hand with all aspects of the project from PR and business to modeling and programming. He is also laying out the story and writing a script, as well as detailing the possibilities in the game and the character dynamics.

Experience with the Titanic

Tom has been interested in the Titanic for as long as he can remember. Though he was only 6 when James Cameron’s film came out in 1997 (on his birthday), he was interested in the ship long before then. His first memorable experience with it was piecing together a smashed model of the ship his dad had lying around the house.

Since 2008, museums, schools, and groups in the US, UK, Italy, and Austria have contacted Tom to either help coordinate Titanic displays, or give presentations on the subject.

In 2012, he produced a feature length Titanic film called “The Last Signals”, which he also wrote and directed. The film focuses entirely on Harold Bride’s experiences- Harold Bride being Titanic’s assistant Marconi Operator. The film has been called, by some, one of the most historically accurate Titanic films to date, and has been screened on three continents. Soon after its release, Tom was invited to Belfast for a film festival, and then traveled the UK and France to visit Titanic related sites, such as Cherbourg and Southampton.

More recently, he produced and released a Titanic short film called “Belfast Air”, centering around the last thoughts of Thomas Andrews and based on a legend about his last moments.

In 2013, Tom was invited to attend the Titanic II New York Gala on the USS Intrepid, and continues to be connected with the project.

He has studied Titanic his entire life and is personal friends with several historians and survivor descendants- promising to provide the storyline of both the voyage and the sinking the utmost historical accuracy.

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In Belfast, alongside Julian Fellowes, writer of ITV's Titanic, and the Downton Abbey series.

On the set of his film The Last Signals, playing the role of John Phillips, Titanic's Operator.

Alongside Professor Clive Palmer, the man behind the Blue Star Line and the Titanic II.