The development of this project is really a "Titanic" task, and we are a small crew. We are constantly looking for new, talented people to join our team, whether temporarily by contributing in small ways, or in larger, more permanent means. Below, you will find some of the more common jobs we are looking to fill. If you also feel you bring something unique to the project, feel free to get in touch with us here, and describe it.

Developmental Roles

There are several roles we need filled, many of which you can find below. Click the icon, and it'll bring you to a page describing the tasks and responsibilities.

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Are you used to working with 3D model programs, to create models based off of real life references? Would you be interested in helping our project out? We are always looking for new people to join, and help contribute models. Not only are we recreating the largest ship in 1912, but we are also creating everything in it, and a large chunk of the world around it. It's a big task, and any help would be appreciated. All contributors will receive credit in the games ending, and a beautiful addition to their portfolio.

We get a lot of people contacting us saying they would like to help, and that they use Trimble (Google) Sketchup. As much as we appreciate it, Sketchup is not supported by any major game engines. We are mainly looking for people using Maya, 3DS Max, or Blender.

Our modelers need to be able to fully model their subjects, rig it for animation (if necessary), and do proper UV mapping.


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Voice Actors

We're looking for many voice actors; MANY. Titanic had 2,200 people on board. Of course, we aren't making all of them, but we need to simulate the variety of people. Listed below are the accents and languages needed for voice actors. Preferably, we would like to keep accents being done by those who natively have them, to preserve authenticity. Young and old are both excepted.

Voice actors can record their own voice and send us the files. We will provide you with the necessary script, and instructions on how to record yourself for best results.

All voice actors are expected to have a standard to high quality microphone, be able to record in a quiet location, and follow direction on how to play the role properly, in addition to signing a release form and non-disclosure form.

To audition, click the appropriate role page below to find an audition script. Record yourself, and upload the file as either an mp3 on a file transfer site, or as an unlisted (not private!) video on YouTube. Then, contact us at this link, and state the role you would be interested in playing. Talk a little bit about yourself, and please send us the link to your audition.

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Something Unique?

As mentioned above, if you feel you have something unique, or something not mentioned above, that you can bring to the team, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!