How You Can Help


The biggest thing we need right now is money. A contribution of even just a few dollars will go a long way, but please consider an even larger donation, if possible. We are thankful for all donations and are offering perks in return.

Please keep in mind that these perks are not purchases- they are thank you gifts in return for what you give. Some of these items may not be available in the future or may be sold at a different price.

  1. Go to our IndieGoGo Campaign Page
  2. Select a Perk or Insert a Donation Amount on the right side of the page
  3. Follow the steps in the prompt to complete the transaction


Share our campaign on social media! Just simply copy and paste this link (   ), add a few words if you want, and share!

Sharing our website, facebook, and YouTube help, but not as much as sharing the campaign itself. The campaign is designed to contain all information someone new would need to learn about our project.

Make a video and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or wherever you have followers. Talk about what we are doing, and encourage people to donate and further spread the word.

If you are involved in the media, write an article or do a story on our project, encouraging your audience to get involved. Talk about our task and our efforts to preserve history and the legacy of those lost, and talk about what we need. If you do something, please be sure to share it with us as well! We always love to see this stuff.

(Any imagery on this site that contains the Honor and Glory logo may be used for press purposes)

Word of Mouth

In person or through private email, tell your friends, family, co-workers, complete strangers, their pets.... tell everyone about what we are trying to do. Tell them about our goals and the quality of work, and tell them what we need to get it done.

Here are a few versions of a flier made up for handing out. This is perfect if you are someone who owns a business- something relevant, like a museum or school, or irrelevant, like the barber shop showing support in my town- these are great to hand to visitors, or simply leave on a table for them to take. These can also be given out to your friends and family in school or at work, or even just on a street corner. Hang them up. Hand them out. We will be!

To download a flyer, RIGHT CLICK, and then press 'SAVE TARGET AS' or 'SAVE LINK AS', or something similar (depending on your browser). Name the file, and then print as many as you'd like!

Make a video of your support, and we'll show our appreciation!

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Likes and Views

Even the simple things count. Just visiting our IndieGoGo page earns us view points, factoring in to our chances of getting featured. Liking our facebook page helps us reach more people. Watching and liking- even commenting on- our YouTube videos boosts our popularity (and don't forget to subscribe!) Just being an active fan not only helps us with the campaign, but gives us a boost in motivation to see such supportive fans helping us through this.