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Sail through history on board the ill-fated RMS Titanic, the largest moving object in the world in 1912, and a technological wonder of the time. As Titanic races through the icy waters of the North Atlantic, Robert Morgan battles the odds to clear his name of horrible crimes. When the brand new luxury liner strikes an iceberg and threatens the lives of 2,200 souls, Morgan must out-pace the rising waters and the clock as the unsinkable mighty ship founders out from under him.

Explore a complete and fully interactive recreation of the most famous ship in history. Venture through the corridors of first, second, and third class, meander down the levels of the Grand Staircase, walk through the Reception Room, sneak through the galleys, dive into the pool, climb the fourth funnel, sneak into the crew quarters and engine rooms, wander the open decks in the frigid sea air, and lose yourself in the maze of hundreds of rooms and winding corridors.



Meet true-to-life historical figures of Titanic from all walks of life, be it crew, first, second, or third class. Interact with dozens of her famous passengers and crew, from Captain Smith to Margaret Brown, and learn about their lives aboard the Titanic through observation and conversation. From brushing shoulders with the Astors in the Lounge to shoveling coal with the stokers in the stifling boiler rooms, experience the people and life aboard Titanic like never before.

Relive life in 1912. Walk the streets of Southampton, faithfully recreated as it appeared a century ago, right down to the intricate facades of the row houses and the hustle and bustle of the narrow streets as you make your way to the dock. Roam the decks of a ship populated with people true to the style of the time, from the way they dressed to the way they spoke and how they took their meals. Experience facets of the Edwardian era as if you've traveled there in a time machine.



Experience the sinking in real time between the collision and final plunge. Watch the launching of the lifeboats and the building panic as people realize the full scope of the situation. Help or follow passengers as they try to escape to safety, make your way through the ever-tilting Titanic as corridors flood and bulkheads buckle, and try to clear your name for good as you learn the true story of the night the world cannot seem to forget. Will you survive, or will it all be for nothing?

Titanic: Honor and Glory is a game that goes beyond recreating the Titanic. It's meant to recreate the world of 1912 and to fully deliver the experience of the ships never-finished Atlantic Crossing. Explore elements of the Titanic's tale reserved only for history books, and see what it was like to be on the ship. Learn about the time, ship, people, and what really happened as Titanic foundered. Our game aims to educate players and memorialize the victims and survivors of that dreadful night.



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