Gameplay Programmer

Job Overview: We're looking for someone with experience in programming, and with a great sense of what sort of gameplay is appealing. All levels in this game are already laid out, mapped, and written. What we need is someone to translate this into code, as well as bring up their own suggestions and ideas. We'd prefer it if you have been involved in projects before, especially ones that were completed, and that you enjoy creating and experimenting with new systems and mechanics. You will work closely with a team of programmers, artists, and level designers to help create this one of a kind game.


  • Collaborate with game team to create highly compelling gameplay
  • Work with existing code to develop and enhance gameplay
  • Prototype and create elements and script code
  • Debugging code and optimizing for PC and possibly next gen. consoles
  • Safeguarding all the company's assets, including source code, artwork, resources, artwork, and utilities


  • Experience developing games professionally or equivalent amateur experience
  • Able to work as a team
  • A keen analytical mind, with strong problem solving skills
  • Strong C++ skills and the ability to code and architect gameplay mechanics and tools
  • Strong math skills
  • Creativity
  • Very good spoken & written English
  • Passion to make and create games

To contact us about joining the team, and inquire about working with us, please contact us here, and let us know what role it is you are interested in trying out for.