Titanic: Honor and Glory
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Contribution Questions

How can I contribute financially to the game?

You can contribute via our contribution page. Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated!

The contributions go directly to the production of the game. Most of our team are working on a volunteer basis, but we need contributions to cover research, licensing, software, hardware, and other day-to-day expenses. For more info on this, please visit our company page.

Where do the contributions go/how are the contributions used?
What do I get in return?


For your help we give you a lot of different things in a way of saying "Thanks!" They are known in the world of crowdfunding as "perks," and you can read up about them here.

Our personal favorites are your name on the passenger lists, a behind-the-scenes scrapbook, or free copies of the game when completed.

What do I get in return?

We update the passenger lists and thank you page once a month. You may not see your name right away, but if it is not there by the end of the month, please contact us!

When will I see my name and ino on the "Thank You" and "Return Voyages" pages?

No, we won’t be. Once the game is financed properly, we will be removing the option of contributing. Contributors and backers will be limited to those who contributed before the option is removed, and perks will no longer be available to new fans (sorry!). We cannot say when this will occur.

Will you always be accepting contributions?