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General project questions:

General game questions:

Gameplay questions:

Historical questions:

Questions pertaining to "Titanic - Adventure Out of Time":

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General project questions:

Answer - It is an upcoming action/adventure/mystery video game we are working hard to develop. You'll get to sail aboard the Titanic, experience the world of 1912, interact with passengers and crew, see the ship from all angles, explore every deck and room of the ship, and finally, in the end of the game, you get to experience the sinking in real-time. Everything is presented with the greatest detail and accuracy we can muster.

Answer - All of it! Or at least, nearly 100%, excluding most vents/shafts, tanks and possibly coal bunkers. Otherwise, we will have the entire ship inside and out, from the masts to the keel, and from the Grand Staircases to the boiler rooms. Even the linen closets and bathrooms will be included.

Answer - Difficult to say, and we progress constantly. Currently, the interior and exterior of the Titanic are slowly approaching completion, with other models following or being done in the meantime. The story and script are in their final phase, but programming and engine work are still in their infancy. If you'd like to see a deck plan of Titanic showing how much of the ship we've modeled or are working on, click here.

Answer - The game is being produced by Vintage Digital Revival LLC. The team is formerly and still sometimes known as Four Funnels Entertainment. The team creating the game includes:

  • Tom Lynskey - Director, Producer, Writer
  • Matthew DeWinkeleer - Producer, Interior Modeler, Legal
  • Kyle Hudak - Exterior and Technical Modeler

To accurately recreate the ship and the history, we have a number of historians assisting us in getting the details right. Our consultants include:

In addition to the above team members, there are several support teammates whom you can read about here, and more consultants you can read about here.

Answer - While we are aware that Titanic was a British ship and the “Honour and Glory” name for the clock from the Grand Staircase was spelled as such, we had our reasons for using a different spelling. There’s already other projects which are Titanic-related called “Titanic - Honour and Glory”, In addition to that, “Glory” refers to the ship itself, but “Honor” refers to the story, and the project is being developed by a mostly North American team. To avoid any issues with outside organizations, we have copyrighted the name Titanic: Honor and Glory. 

Answer - We’re always looking for people to help us some way or another, especially at the moment for character modeling. If you have skills you think will be useful to us, especially experience with programming and modeling, and preferably with some knowledge of the Titanic, feel free to contact us to discuss things further. Many roles will not be filled or considered until final funding has been secured.

Answer - Yes! You can contribute to our project by clicking the button below this answer. All contributions go directly into helping create the project dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of those who were aboard the great ship and Titanic herself. Products sold from the store also go directly to the project.

Answer - Currently, we are awaiting full funding before we hire other talented individuals to join our small, hard-working team. When we secure everything we need we will be taking into account all submitted examples of work and messages from fans who wish to help with the project. We can't legally at this point accept work/services for nothing due to possible issues with our future investors, but we encourage anyone who wants to be a voice actor, programmer, modeler, etc to email us! We are saving your name and email for when the time comes!

General game questions:

Answer - The game is not available for download as it is not yet completed.

Answer - Yes, there will be a demo of this game as we get to the point where we have a sufficient amount of material to have a respectable demo. As with all games, it will be a free download, though as promised, our donors who gave a sufficient amount to earn the demo perk will receive it ahead of time. Currently we have two environmental demos free to download which you can find here.

Answer - We do not yet have a release date. Unless or until we receive full funding for the project, we will not know how long it will take.

Answer - No. Certainly not 2016, and perhaps not 2017, either. We are aiming to release in 2018 or so. Many people ask us specifically about those two years, as those were the intended release dates for the Lost In the Darkness mod for Crysis. This is an entirely separate project.

Answer - It’s too early to say at this time. There are several factors that come into play when deciding if other platforms can handle the game, but at this time, nothing is ruled out, not even Macs.

Answer - We do not yet have a solid set of requirements for the game. We’ll know more later on. Sufficed to say, you will likely need a fairly powerful PC to play the game. In the mean time, you can stay up to date and read about the technical details of the process, and gain insight on what we are using. It is likely that the required system specs will be announced there before anywhere else. You can find that page here.

Answer - Unreal Engine 4 is the latest version of the video game engine developed by Epic Games. Unreal Engine has been used in many games, including the Bioshock series, the Gears of War series, the Mass Effect series, and other great titles. Find out more about Unreal Engine 4 here.

Answer - Yes! We want to make this game as mindblowing as possible, so there will be an option to use this game with the Oculus Rift.

Gameplay questions:

Answer - Yes! The game will feature a story that you can play through. The story is being written by Tom Lynskey, writer and director of the independent films The Last Signals and Belfast Air, among others. The plan is to have primary missions you’ll have to play through to advance the story, and plenty of side missions you can play around the ship.

Answer - We cannot say much at this time, but it will be a bit of a thriller and a mystery. The character you will be playing as has been accused by Scotland yard of stealing jewels from the British museum in London, the player must board the R.M.S. Titanic to find the actual culprit and clear his name. Little does he realize a few days after setting sail from Southampton England, the ship becomes the center of one of the most famous disasters in history. Stay up to date on information about the storyline by checking out our story page.

Answer - Yes! You will be able to experience the sinking first hand. You will have to rescue others and save yourself as you make your way through the flooding corridors of the ship and encounter various problems.

Answer - Yes! While the story mode might restrict some areas of the ship, and the sinking even more, we intend on having a free roam/tour mode that will allow you to explore the entire ship at your leisure, possibly with educational tidbits about the ship.

Historical questions:

Answer - Our sinking will more closely match the one shown in Final Word, meaning its primary features will be a steeper port list and a lower-angle breakup. While we are not basing our sinking directly off of James Cameron's Final Word, we are working with several of the historians he has worked with, and therefor will be having quite similar conclusions.

Answer - Yes. With minimal exceptions, all characters of the game will be real-life Titanic figures. You will not play as a real life figures, you will be able to befriend them and talk with them. The ship itself will be populated with historical figures, including all the background characters.

Answer - No, it's not a fantasy game. With the exception of the fictional events of the game's story, everything else will be as historically accurate as we can get it, supported by evidence and factually sound.

Questions pertaining to "Titanic - Adventure Out of Time:"

Answer - Yes, we all know about AOoT, and most of us have played it.

Answer - It's always a possibility.

Questions pertaining to James Cameron’s film “Titanic”:

Answer - No. Jack and Rose were fictional characters from another story, we have no need for them in our game. With the exception of a few characters, we’re looking to have as many accurately-depicted real-life characters as possible.

Answer - Yes, but only because the car was actually there, albeit in a crate and not out in the open.

Questions pertaining to Titanic - Lost in the Darkness:

Answer - No. Lost in the Darkness was a video game project the preceded Honor and Glory, but was related to the current project with several former T:LitD team members now working on T:H&G. Due to various issues, the old team broke up and the old project abandoned, and a new team and project was formed from some former T:LitD members to work on the new project, Titanic: Honor and Glory.

Answer - The Honor and Glory project is under a new, better, centralized and more efficient management system. We still have most of the old project’s team members, including the modelers and story writer, who's now project leader. We also have a new programmer who is a fast learner and already very good with the engine. What he has done so far has been fantastic, and we only expect it to get better. Conversions have been getting done more efficiently and correctly, and the team has had an unprecedented amount of communication to ensure things are ship-shape. We've also made a few leaps with the new project in terms of support, garnering support from renowned historians such as Ken Marschall and Parks Stephenson, and financial support through our fundraising campaign allowing us to further our goals and acquire new tech to work with.

Answer - After the team broke up, some former team members went on to work on Honor and Glory, and Lost in the Darkness itself became defunct and is no longer being worked on.

If you would like to contribute please click the image above. All contributions go directly into helping create the project dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of those who were aboard the great ship and Titanic herself.