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These are not listed in the order they will appear in the final game, but in order they were recieved. Most likely they will be presented at the end of the game in the credits, and in a seperate page in the menu, in alphabetical order by surname.

  Titanic's  Engineers Memorial in Southampton

The Titanic Engineers' Memorial in Andrews Park, Southampton, United Kingdom.


Whitney Rae

For Kaylee Joyce. Wish you were here.

Stephen Timothy William Davison

For my nan, Ruth Moore. Sadly she passed away in December 2014 just before Christmas but we still think about her and the family misses her every day.

Christopher Costanza

I would just like to dedicate my donations towards making Titanic: Honor and Glory in memory of all passengers and crew aboard the R.M.S Titanic's maiden voyage.

David Alfonso

To all my friends and family - especially my cousins Alex and Nicky and friends Christina and Katherine - who put up with my Titanic obsession for years and found ways to feed my obsession even more!

Dein Cornels

Für meinen Opa Ulrich Elsner.

Jason Stanley

Thank you David for enduring my Titanic speeches. May they forever haunt your dreams. Love, Jason.

Dean Mackintosh

Dedicated to my wonderful father Colin Mackintosh, who always took an interest in my love of ships & the sea, and especially, my passion for Titanic. Forever in our hearts, taken too soon.

Susanne Störmer

“Whatever obstacles control, go on, true heart, thou’lt reach the goal.”

-William McMaster Murdoch on a card of steamship Medic, dated 10/9/00

Lucas Szydlowski

I would like to dedicate to Eva Hart, Ruth Becker, Edith Brown, and Edith Rosenbaum for telling their stories of that fateful night in April of 1912. I'm also making a dedication to First Officer William McMaster Murdoch, who tried to avoid the iceberg as best he could, as well as saving as many lives as best he could, even in the face of death.

Amelia Smith

To Barry Dennen 12: Here's to a couple of awesome Aussies. The originators of Honour and Glory- CROWNING time. Thanks to the developers for bringing back something we thought was lost forever. Cheers. - Sparkreno

Eric Jones

To my fellow shipmate Jordan Morris and to my supportive mother Julie Jones Freemantle. You both were titanic inspirations in my life, who helped foster my love for this ship and others. May you both rest in peace and ride the eternal waves of grace. Much love.

Jorein Versteege

Titanic began for me in 1997 with a book of Ken Marschall's paintings. Then in 1999 with the game: Titanic Adventure out of Time, I first walked on the Titanic. Now she lives again in full glory. No actual replica is needed for the wonder created by this remarkable team!

Clisney Oliveira

I would like to dedicate this to my grandmother, Nazaré Vieira, who lives in Brazil. I miss you very much. Te amo Vovó!

Robert Regan

Dedicated to my ancestors; The Spring family; The Winchester family; The Ettinger family; The Wilson family; and the Regan family. And the mighty ships that carried across the Atlantic so that they could have a better life.

Alexandre Quirion

Pour tous ceux qui ont navigué sur ce grand navire.

James Vaughn

To Edwina MacKenzie for being nice to a high school kid with a research paper and instilling a lifelong fascination.

Eric Powell

All those who died on Titanic and to their loved ones. To keep the history of Titanic alive. To my Dad- Sr. Edward C. Powell, who passed away March, 2016.

Max Kaiserman

To the brave souls, passengers and crew, who were dreaming of a new life in America, whose lives were cut short that cold night in April. And to Col. Archibald Gracie, a survivor and consummate sleuth, who spent his few remaining days ensuring that the true story of the Titanic was told.

Kevin Saucier

To all my hobby friends and Titanic collectors who take time to research and share their knowledge.

Matthew Chapman

To Matt - for your help in making me a part of the game, and having a Titanic obsession that undoubtedly surpasses mine.

Joel Hassell

For Sidney Leslie Goodwin - September 9th 1910 - April 15th 1912, to the crew of the Mackay-Bennett you were simply their Babe, and for 96 years you were remembered as The Unknown Child. "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad." - Luke 8:17. Sleep well child, along with Papa Frederick, Mama Augusta, brothers William Harold and Charles, and sisters Lilian and Jessie, and with Mister Clifford Crease, who ensured you would not be alone in death.

Andrew Reeves

To William Reeves. With a long interest in the history of Titanic, who lost his wife Jean to cancer in Aug 2015 followed shortly by fighting leukaemia. Also to Hilda Bardsley, who stands resolute through thick and thin.

Leo Mullen

I thank the Honor and Glory team for their passion and hard work, which I have followed intently since I too became obsessed with the Titanic's engineering and history and stirred by the stories of those who lives were tragically cut short.

Lars Otto Fredriksen

In memory of the Norwegian passengers.
Words from Sigurd Moen's funeral in 1912:

Det sidste ord som lød
Ifra vor broders mund,
Det var et suk, en bøn
I denne alvorsstund.
Han tok sin ven i haanden
Og gik i bølgen ut,
Da lød det fra hands læber:
O, kjære Gud.

Richard S. Jackson

To my father, Captain Robert S. Jackson.

Peadar McFadden

To James Horner - Your music brought us all back to Titanic. Rest in peace.

Jonathan Cox

Dedicated to the lost era, and to the lost sense of innocence that the Titanic so fittingly represents. As Jack Thayer said, “To my mind the world of today awoke April 15th, 1912”, and it has been “moving at a rapidly accelerating pace ever since with less and less peace, satisfaction, and happiness.” If only a few of the many decisions and actions involving the ship had simply been handled differently. But everything that could possibly go against the Titanic did so, and she sank into history. From her, may we all come to realize the incredible power and significance of the choices that we each make.

Ilse Joostens

"Cometh the hour, cometh the man."

In name of the survivors of the Titanic disaster I would like to thank captain Rostron and his crew and all of Carpathia's passengers who offered their assistance during that horrible night. They were the true heroes of the Titanic.

Shannon Rodriguez

To our dear Willie, gone too soon, whose notebook we took with us. One can only imagine how different it could have been, would have been, if we had failed.

Justin Litke

To the cast and crew of Titanic (1997). Especially you, Peter Lamont. It was your production design in getting Titanic to the screen that started an obsession that has been going strong for 15 years. PS: To Leo and Kate: just hurry up and get married.

Rommulus Koller

A good friend that I lost and the Titanic have that memory back from that person.

William Frederiks

To Titanic's Engineers' who gave their life to keep the lights on until the end.

Brendan Kilcourse

To Fifth Officer Harold Godfrey Lowe, one of my personal heroes. Thank you for being the hope for those who had none. Also, to my Dad, who bought me every Titanic book I could find as a child. I love you so much.

David Hodges

A special dedication to Titanic's doctors, William O'Loughlin and John Simpson, who went down with the ship.

Thomas Walsh

To my parents, Jane and Terry, for allowing me to foster my hopes and dreams. I like to think this is where it all started.


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