Common questions asked about contributing. If you have any additional questions you can ask them at


Follow the link here. Just fill out the required fields which will allow us to get you the perks which are our way of saying thanks for the help! Every contribution will get your name on the game in the credits and we will be accepting contributions until the game is done or we have full investments. 

It requires a credit card and please don't be alarmed if you see "Stripe" on your statement as that is the system that is used to make contributions. 


The team certainly appreciates all the outreach, but right now we have all the volunteers (and some paid help) we can handle! What we are really trying to afford (via investors) are hiring a full team of technical engineer and programmers to flesh properly create the game and not just model and build the ship.

Where's my perk?

Your perk, unless you contributed during one of the two IndieGoGo campaigns, is digital. You'll be getting a link to it in an email at the address you provided in the forms that were filled out at the time of the contribution.

If they didn't arrive right away it is because they aren't ready yet like the Free Passage perk, which is a copy of the completed game, and will be sent to you once finished. Others will be included in the game, like the Letter in the Mail Hold, and therefore you will see it in the game.

Your name for the Rivets will be in the credits and on the site on the Thank You page. Those who contributed for the Free Passage can find their info on the Return Voyage/NY Return pages, and those who gave more on the Dedications Page. And of course, all that will be in game too.


The team gets a decent number of contributions every week- and we're so grateful for them! It all goes directly to the game, not to anything else, and you can find out more information about how that works here. But because we get many names during the course of the week the team waits until the Monday after to update the pages online with the information. That does not mean your name was missed (of course sometimes things slip through, and we will check always if you have doubts!)