Something for Everybody?

Hello again -

This is actually the first official post I'm making for this blog, since the previous ones were either reposting old ones, or just explaining this page. This is really the post that motivated me to create this blog. Anyway...

I wanted to document my thoughts here, and perhaps hear people's feedback. In general, there are two types of fans - two types of people who may be interested in this game: People who love history and want to experience it, and people who aren't interested in the facts, but want the excitement of the disaster.

It's no problem no matter which category you fall under. This game's main goal is to educate the players, and bring history to life in a tasteful and memorializing kind of way, but even if that's not what you're here for, you still won't be disappointed. We're working to make the game into something that is good for all, that doesn't detract from either side's wants.

Simply put, I'm writing the story, and the talented crew and I are developing it to have several options throughout the game that you can pursue. Want to speed through the voyage and get to the sinking early? That can be done. Want to take your time through all days of the voyage and experience the countless side plots, recreated events, and several dozen historical figures you can talk with? We're with you.

The plot is going to be dramatic and full of twists, but, overall, the main player is fiction, and following a fictional story. Do you not care for the 'fluff', and want to focus more on the real life subplots you can follow? Well, that can be arranged.

Is "romance" the first thing you think of when you think Titanic? You'll have the option to meet and fall in love with a lovely lady. On the other hand, hate how everyone seems to cram love stories down your throat whenever you want a drama about history? You can go through the entire game without even speaking to her.

Want to go all Grand Theft Auto and trash the ship?        Too bad. You can't...

Choose your own fate as the ship goes down. Will you be a hero, or will you be a coward?