About this Blog

Hello All-

This is Tom Lynskey here, Project Manager, Director, and Writer of this game. This is a new blog-style page where I plan to post little tidbits here and there about the project from my perspective. Some of the posts may be rather lengthy, while some may just be a quick couple of sentences. These are simply thoughts on my mind about the project that I really want to share.

First off, let me give an over view of what you may find here. Originally, I had not wanted to do a page like this; I didn't want this to turn into a personal journal, but over time, I felt it was more and more necessary. There are a number of ideas, concepts, and statements I want to make to our fans and followers, and I'd have no outlet to post it on otherwise.

I'll make these as the project goes forward. I'm first going to post some I made on facebook to catch up- centralize all these posts in one place. After that, I have no idea how often I'll get to this.