Accuracy vs. Freedom - Response

I posted a question to the facebook page a few days ago, asking people whether they would like to have the freedom to modify the outcomes of certain people and events in the game, or would they prefer the sinking to occur on a strictly predestined timeline. (For the original post, click here)

The post got a wide array of feedback, ranging everywhere from the ability to all out prevent the sinking, to being nothing more than a 3rd person observer of the sinking. And, in terms of numbers, the fan base seemed to be polarly torn on the question. The option was suggested that alternate modes would be made where the player can be exposed to two different 'universes', one where the player can change anything, and one where the player can do little to nothing. The problem with that is that it would require a very large amount of work for our small crew- essentially requiring us to make two different games. We're already planning to put 3 or 4 game modes in this project, so adding another would be overload.

However, what I think will be the final decision on this question, is the original choice I was going to go with before making the post. To be specific, let's go over it.

The ship sinks in 2 hours and 40 minutes; no changing that. It breaks in half, most people go down with the ship, and rescue doesn't arrive until too late. There is a fictional storyline throughout the game, which the player will have complete control over. There is a very limited number of fictional characters in the game- only involved directly in the main plot- and all of those will be under the influence of the player as well. There will be one or two historical figures you may be close with, whom you will be able to influence their time during the ship, but if you do not interact with them, you will see them go about the sinking just as they would have in 1912.

In short, you will have influence over the main plot (of course), and only slightly on the historical figures tied in to the plot itself. There will be a number of opportunities to take part in team efforts by the ship's crew that really occurred during the sinking (i.e. keeping the power going, the evacuation, etc), but, sorry to make you feel inferior, but it's nothing they couldn't do without you :p

Something for Everybody?

Hello again -

This is actually the first official post I'm making for this blog, since the previous ones were either reposting old ones, or just explaining this page. This is really the post that motivated me to create this blog. Anyway...

I wanted to document my thoughts here, and perhaps hear people's feedback. In general, there are two types of fans - two types of people who may be interested in this game: People who love history and want to experience it, and people who aren't interested in the facts, but want the excitement of the disaster.

It's no problem no matter which category you fall under. This game's main goal is to educate the players, and bring history to life in a tasteful and memorializing kind of way, but even if that's not what you're here for, you still won't be disappointed. We're working to make the game into something that is good for all, that doesn't detract from either side's wants.

Simply put, I'm writing the story, and the talented crew and I are developing it to have several options throughout the game that you can pursue. Want to speed through the voyage and get to the sinking early? That can be done. Want to take your time through all days of the voyage and experience the countless side plots, recreated events, and several dozen historical figures you can talk with? We're with you.

The plot is going to be dramatic and full of twists, but, overall, the main player is fiction, and following a fictional story. Do you not care for the 'fluff', and want to focus more on the real life subplots you can follow? Well, that can be arranged.

Is "romance" the first thing you think of when you think Titanic? You'll have the option to meet and fall in love with a lovely lady. On the other hand, hate how everyone seems to cram love stories down your throat whenever you want a drama about history? You can go through the entire game without even speaking to her.

Want to go all Grand Theft Auto and trash the ship?        Too bad. You can't...

Choose your own fate as the ship goes down. Will you be a hero, or will you be a coward?

Eulogy to One of Our Biggest Fans: Jack Ashley

To all of our fans and followers, I have some very sad news. One of our biggest fans, Jack Ashley, has passed away a few days ago, after battling an illness. We were contacted by his parents today, and were told the sad news. It's not a stretch to say that he was definitely one of our biggest fans, and as a tribute to him, we will be naming a character in the game after him. Keep an eye out for Jack in the game.


Authenticating the Passengers and Crew

This is a copy and paste of a message I made a few months ago on our facebook page. Had this website been around at the time, I'd have rather posted it here"

Hello everybody-

This is an announcement that has been on my mind to make for the last few days. It's been very important to me, and I've put a lot of time into thinking about how to word this, as it is something I really feel needs to be addressed.

First off, I understand a lot of eager fans may open this long message, anxiously anticipating a new update, or revealing information about the game, or information on a release date or demo. Before you read further, I'll tell you straight up it isn't about that.

Another advance notice; I'm sure from the serious tone of my writing, some may be concluding there is a problem with the game. I assure the readers as well that this is not the case. There is nothing wrong, and the game production is 'steaming ahead' at full speed.

Now, on to my point. I guess you will get a bit of a reveal here, and it's that during the sinking, a large number of real-life passengers will be portrayed, going through their actions during the sinking, minute-by-minute. I've been referring to these characters amongst the development crew as 'stalkables', as you'll be able to watch them go through every action and conversation they've been reported to have went through that night, in as best accuracy as I can figure. I've bounced some information back and forth off of a few historians as well these past few days, to make sure all information is credible.

In scripting the actions and dialogue for all these people, and everyone they interact with, one can assume just how in-depth the research has become for the sinking. I've gone through countless books, court transcripts, news paper articles, and audio interviews in this past week, and drawn out a timeline dozens of pages long, mapping out the sinking minute-by-minute, and suddenly the gaps are filling in in the mysteries of the people on board, and a lot of things are making sense. In being able to track the motions of nearly 100 historical figures, their emotions begin to reveal themselves. It begins to make sense where they were scared, what horrors they never told anyone about, and how for some, if they had done something just slightly different, or moved a few seconds faster, their stories may have been entirely different.

Things never reported become quite clear, most striking is the father who went with his son to investigate the iceberg damage, simply so he could spend time with his son and bond with him, not likely knowing that they would never see each other again 2 hours later. Or, just how many people were saved by passengers and crew who helped others in the final moments, or even the loyal servants of passengers, standing by their masters with absolute dignity until their last breaths.

These tales seemingly become real in writing this script, and I know they will become even more real in the final version of the game.

From the start of this production, I've always wanted this game to be geared towards educating the player about the tragedy it is based off. While yes, it's meant for entertainment, I am committing the team and production to doing all we can to make sure that we use the utmost respect towards the people on the Titanic, whether they survived or not, and do all we can to guarantee that the final result of our tireless work is an honorable tribute, one that the families of the passengers and crew can be proud of, all around.

In addition, I'd also like to state that if the game is successful enough to do so, for every passenger and crew we include as a 'stalkable', an individual donation will be made in their honor to a charity or organization that we feel fitting for them. For example: When Titanic sank, the mother of Benjamin Guggenheim's servant, Victor Giglio, made a donation to his old school for them to buy new music books, as one of Victors passions was the piano. It is in that same sense that we will base our donations.

Thank you all for your time, and your continued support. This is a message I really wanted to share, and I wanted to remind every one of our fans and followers, that we can all appreciate the story of the Titanic, it's grand beauty, and even the power of its story, but let's not forget how terrible it would have been to live through it, and the cost of human (and dog) lives the disaster claimed that our project is based off of.

Tom Lynskey

Project Manager, Director, Writer

(Originally post:

About this Blog

Hello All-

This is Tom Lynskey here, Project Manager, Director, and Writer of this game. This is a new blog-style page where I plan to post little tidbits here and there about the project from my perspective. Some of the posts may be rather lengthy, while some may just be a quick couple of sentences. These are simply thoughts on my mind about the project that I really want to share.

First off, let me give an over view of what you may find here. Originally, I had not wanted to do a page like this; I didn't want this to turn into a personal journal, but over time, I felt it was more and more necessary. There are a number of ideas, concepts, and statements I want to make to our fans and followers, and I'd have no outlet to post it on otherwise.

I'll make these as the project goes forward. I'm first going to post some I made on facebook to catch up- centralize all these posts in one place. After that, I have no idea how often I'll get to this.