It may sound like we are being highly ambitious with this campaign, which we probably are, but it's nothing unheard of. Other campaigns have succeeded with an even higher goal, and other games have been made with far more money.

For a project of our scale, we need every dollar we've requested to cover the scale of the materials the animations required for the voyage and disaster.


This video is only for those who want to learn about the money we need and how it will be used. We also discuss the stretch goals and what we can accomplish with those. Other than that, this video won't be exciting.


Team Expansion: This represents the money needed to expand the team and hire new people, such as programmers, technicians, musicians, voice actors, and 2D artists.

Team Compensation: This is the cost needed for people currently included in the team, to cover the continued work and time needed to complete the project. This is also including core consultants, as well as additional modelers who are working on commission helping with characters, props, and other parts of the 1912 world.

Hardware and Software: This is any and all equipment we need to purchase, including additional computers, software licenses, motion capture materials, and sound equipment.

Situational: This is any kind of cost that occurs on special occasions, but is no less necessary for the production. It includes travel for research and recording events, for sound materials, for possible studio sessions, and other special event purchases.

Promotional and Legal:  Licensing, rights, and contract negotiations. The promotional costs include continuing to spread the word, completion fees, and also IndieGoGo perks to thank the donors.

IndieGoGo Fees: IndieGoGo charges us 9% until we reach our goal, then begins charging 4% after that, also refunding the difference between the 9% and 4% fees. All budgets below account for a 4% fee.

This covers the costs needed right this moment, in addition to giving us enough to move forward in all possible directions, including beginning sound work, programming, and building the team.

This does not give us enough to complete the project, but fuels our fires for longer. We set this as a low goal to hit the threshold of 4% IndieGoGo fees as early as possible (see above: Key).

This is still not enough to get us through completion, but allows us to work even harder for longer times, and lets us build more progress before needing to seek additional funding.

  • Allows for additional fund-raising events in the promotional category, such as dinners and other on-location events
  • This also allots for additional programmers to join the team


This is the lowest amount needed in order to bring us through completion, but the game will need to be trimmed back.

  • Includes minimum necessary team expansion to complete game
  • Allows for all needed hardware and software


This allows us to complete the game as we see fit, including most of the features we have our hearts set on, but will still require a slight bit of conservatism.

  • Additional programmers and team members
  • Covers completion, marketing, and distribution costs
  • May allow us to commission a Ken Marschall cover artwork

This allows us to comfortably complete the game, flush in everything we were possibly considering, and even see what other ideas can be included.

  • Full marketing and distribution
  • Game convention attendance
  • Possible expansion packs?
  • Live orchestra soundtrack?
  • Large team of professionals to guarantee quality