2D Artist

Job Overview: We're looking for someone with experience in 2 dimensional artwork, both digital and real-life, to help us put together textures, in-game artwork, concept drawings, and storyboards for the production of this game. Someone joining does not need experience with all of the above, but the more they are familiar with, the better.


  • Collaborate with design and production teams to create concept art, storyboards, and 2D assets
  • Create high quality realistic textures for both character and environmental art
  • Work with other artists and game designers to maintain a consistent style and level of quality
  • Safeguarding all the company's assets, including source code, artwork, resources, artwork, and utilities


  • Experience developing games professionally or equivalent amateur experience
  • Able to work as a team
  • A good knowledge of game textures, and how they work, (e.g. specular maps, bump maps)
  • Very good spoken & written English
  • Passion to make and create games

To contact us about joining the team, and inquire about working with us, please contact us here, and let us know what role it is you are interested in trying out for.